Sebastia is the site of the ancient castle of the Kingdom of Israel

The Palestinian Authority continues to try to determine its presence and its narrative regarding Sebastia, a historical site where the ancient capital of the Israelites used to lie. Over the past weekend, the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Local Government of the Palestinian Authority arrived at the scene, together with the Governor of Nablus and the elders of the Arab village of Sebastia, who declared their intention to continue to fight for Arab control of the ancient Jewish site and its transformation into a "Palestinian heritage site", as they put it.

According to the Israeli organizers of the "Fight for Every Dunum Forum", who followed the visit to the site and the comments made there by the Palestinians, during the tour, the Director of the Division of Archaeological Sites in Samaria on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, D'Ream Fars, emphasized that the purpose of the project is to take over the site is "the refutation of the Zionist narrative ", and declared: "Let it be clear to everyone, we are the owners of the land here for all the elements of its history." 

The “Fight For Every Dunam Forum” said in a statement: “One can laugh at the idea of a 'Palestinian heritage site' made up of Jewish remains that are thousands of years old, but beyond the sad joke we are currently in a battle over one of the most important heritage sites of the people of Israel."

About two weeks ago, it was reported by numerous Israeli sources that South Korean diplomats met with senior officials of the Palestinian Authority and the mayor of Sebastia, as part of a joint venture recently promoted by the Palestinian Authority, with the aim of turning the site where the ancient Israelite castle was located in the village of Sebastia into a Palestinian heritage site. 

Representatives of South Korea and the Palestinians toured the area and during the tour, Minister Al-Salah thanked Seoul for its support for the Palestinian people and praised its activities for the fight against the "Israeli occupation" in the international arena.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, warned that "if the State of Israel does not come to its senses, Jewish history will be erased step by step," and called on the government to "stop the national disgrace and restore control over the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. We expect the government to guard the site, and to wage a struggle on the ground as well as Diplomatic in front of representatives of foreign countries, including inviting the South Korean ambassador to a reprimanding conversation on the subject, to stop the political drift led by the PA."

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