Hezbollah fighters in formation on Israel's border

Hezbollah conducted a military drill in southern Lebanon Sunday afternoon that simulated an attack against Israeli townships and the abduction of prisoners, according to media sources who were invited by the terrorist organization to observe. From the documents that were distributed from the training, the use of drones was noticed, along with an odd display of motorcycle bikers and the bizarre abundance of Israeli flags.

According to the report in the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen network, Hezbollah carried out a limited drill maneuver in southern Lebanon that ended in an "invasion of an Israeli settlement and capture of prisoners". It was also reported that the drill included the use of "unmanned aerial vehicle weapons simulating an attack on Israeli settlements".

"We say to Netanyahu and his gang, we watched your ability and your helplessness in the events of the new equation in the 'Revenge of the Freedom Fighters' system [Operation Shield and Arrow in the Gaza Strip]. Netanyahu gasped but failed," said the head of Hezbollah's Executive Council Safi A-Din, against the reports of the drill of the pro-Iranian terrorist organization.

A-Din, who spoke at the event, referred to Operation Shield and Arrow, in which Hezbollah did not intervene while Israel killed senior members of the Islamic Jihad and attacked the organization's infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. In his words, he alluded to the Israeli statements regarding changing the equation.

A senior Hezbollah official even threatened that "the Israeli occupation will see the operation of the precision missiles at the heart of its existence; if it commits an act of folly to deviate from the rules of the game." He further stated that "the weapons will remain in the hands of the opponents until complete victory is achieved. The message to the Zionist enemy is that the resistance that produced victories did not tire despite all the political pressure and the economic blockade."

According to him, the current drill signals the "full readiness of the resistance to confront any aggression and prove the deterrence equations that protected Lebanon." He added: "We tell the Israelis that if they think of expanding the circle of aggression; then the resistance is ready to rain down on the enemy what he will not be able to respond to."

Hezbollah's training arouses great interest in Lebanon and the countries of the region, including Israel of course. As far as Hezbollah is concerned, the training is part of the psychological warfare it conducts against Israel, no less than the training of its operatives for the actual ‘Command Day’, as they like to call it. On the other hand, such an event provides a glimpse into the military activity of the terrorist organization and allows intelligence to be gathered on it quite easily. In the photos and videos distributed from the exercise, anti-drone weapons were seen, among other things, as well as a cannon that looked like an IDF weapon. 

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