On October 7, tragedy struck in Beeri when Yehudit Weiss was abducted along with hundreds of other Israeli citizens, and her life was brutally taken by terrorists in Gaza. The somber news of her fate came to light as the 7th Division executed an operation near Shifa Hospital, where her lifeless body was discovered. The heart-wrenching loss had already been compounded by the recent mourning for Shmulik Weiss, Yehudit's husband, who had also fallen victim to this wave of violence. The family, in their grief-stricken state, had fervently and tirelessly pursued every conceivable avenue to bring Yehudit back home. However, their efforts had been in vain, and they were left with a poignant message: "It is too late for us, but it is crucial that we rally behind all the families of the abductees and demand the safe return of their loved ones."

Within the building where Yehudit Weiss's body was found, a cache of combat equipment and weapons was discovered, shedding light on the volatile environment in which her life had been tragically cut short. Initially declared missing, it was only after two agonizing weeks that the fate of Shmulik Weiss was revealed—brutally murdered by Hamas.

In a poignant twist of fate, the same IDF forces that located Yehudit Weiss's remains were also able to locate the body of IDF corporal Noa Marciano. This discovery followed the heart-wrenching release of a video by Hamas in which Noa had begged for her life, a plea that had touched the hearts of many. The IDF spokesperson emphasized that the recovery of Noa's body was made possible through vital intelligence information provided by the Shin Bet regarding the body's location, dispelling any notion of a random discovery en route to Shifa Hospital.

The operation unfolded with precision as the forces arrived at the designated location pinpointed by the Shin Bet. Noa's body was carefully retrieved from the Gaza Strip and swiftly subjected to an identification process facilitated by the military rabbinate and the medical corps. The news was then relayed to her grieving family, and she was laid to rest later that same day.

In a solemn statement, the IDF expressed its shared sorrow with the grieving family and reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to the national mission of locating the missing and bringing the abductees back home. "The IDF continues to work in close coordination with relevant national and security bodies, leaving no stone unturned until these tasks are successfully accomplished."

Meanwhile, the IDF remains resolute in its mission to thoroughly eliminate all hostile threats from the northern Gaza Strip, with preparations underway for the impending phase focusing on the southern Gaza Strip. Simultaneously, operations in Judea and Samaria have intensified following the terrorist attack near Jerusalem on Thursday morning, which resulted in several Israelis being injured and the tragic loss of one soldier's life.

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