The funeral of one of the four militants killed by the IDF strike (Telegram - video clip)

In a bold and decisive operation, an Israeli drone strike successfully neutralized four Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives late Tuesday night in the Nur Shams camp near Tulkarem, Samaria. This strategic operation underscores the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) unwavering commitment to safeguarding Israeli lives and thwarting terrorist activities in the region.

The Operation Unfolds

According to the IDF, the terror cell was in the process of planting an explosive device when they were intercepted. The IDF had been meticulously tracking this cell, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. As the operatives began to plant the roadside bomb, the IDF drone executed a precise and lethal strike, eliminating the threat.

A military source revealed that the location of the strike was a mere 100 meters from where an Israeli soldier tragically lost his life to a roadside bomb just the day before. This close proximity highlights the persistent danger posed by such terror cells and the critical importance of the IDF's vigilant operations.

Identifying the Operatives

The four fatalities were identified by the local wing of Islamic Jihad, known as the Tulkarem Battalion, as Yazid Saad al-Shafi, Nimr Anwar Hamarsheh, Mohamed Yasser Shehadeh, and Mohamed Hassan Ghannam. Photos circulating online depict two of these operatives armed with rifles and another in a tactical vest, reinforcing their active involvement in terrorist activities. Islamic Jihad lauded all four as "fighters" within the Tulkarem Battalion.

Persistent Threats and IDF Countermeasures

Terror groups in Judea and Samaria have frequently employed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to target Israeli forces conducting arrest raids. In response, the IDF often preemptively tears up roads using armored bulldozers to mitigate these threats, ensuring safer passage for lighter-armed vehicles.

In a related incident on Monday, which occurred mere days after a similar attack near Jenin that resulted in one soldier's death and injuries to 16 others, the IDF had not ripped up the road where the armored personnel carrier (APC) was stationed, illustrating the constant and evolving dangers faced by Israeli forces.

Ongoing Tensions and Security Operations

Earlier on Tuesday, an Israeli civilian at the Mitzpe Yosef outpost near the Har Bracha settlement sustained minor injuries from gunfire originating from deep within Nablus. The IDF promptly initiated a manhunt for the assailants, leading to an exchange of fire with several gunmen in the Nablus area. According to a military source, at least four armed Palestinians were shot during the operation. The official Palestinian news outlet Wafa reported that one individual was shot in the foot during these operations, with IDF forces establishing checkpoints around the city to maintain control and prevent further attacks.

Broader Context: The Gaza Conflict and Regional Tensions

The region remains tense amid the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, which erupted on October 7 when thousands of Hamas terrorists launched a massive attack on southern Israel, accompanied by a relentless barrage of rockets targeting population centers across the country. This brutal assault resulted in the horrific massacre of approximately 1,200 individuals, with numerous instances of torture and rape, and the abduction of 251 hostages.

Since the onset of this conflict, IDF forces have arrested approximately 4,200 wanted Palestinians throughout Judea and Samaria, including over 1,750 individuals affiliated with Hamas. According to the Palestinian Authority health ministry, around 560 Palestinians have been killed during this period, with the IDF clarifying that the vast majority were gunmen killed in the course of raids or while executing attacks.

Simultaneously, 21 Israelis, including security personnel, have tragically lost their lives in Palestinian terror attacks within Israel, Judea, and Samaria. An additional five members of the security forces have been killed in clashes with terror operatives in Judea and Samaria, including during Monday’s incident.


This recent IDF operation exemplifies the ongoing and critical efforts of Israeli forces to combat terrorism and protect the nation. Despite the persistent and evolving threats, the IDF's determination and strategic prowess continue to ensure the safety and security of Israel and its citizens.

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