Rabbi Leo Dee gives a press conference (Photo: Video capture)

Rabbi Leo Dee who lost his wife and two daughters in a horrendous terrorist attack has considered suing CNN following the uproar caused by senior anchor Christiane Amanpour after she described the cold-blooded murder of his daughters Maia and Rina along with their mother Lucy as happening during "shootout." Dee announced the possibility of legal action being taken at an event held Monday by Rabbi Shmuel Boteach, which was broadcasted on Facebook and spread quickly through social media.

The Jewish Journal reported that Dee showed those present an email he received from Amanpour in which she apologized for what she said was a failure with her wording. Amanpour also expressed her condolences and stated that there was "no malicious intent" on her part. Dee responded to her in a long email in which he said he did not accept her apology because she had spread wrong information to millions of people. In addition, he demanded that she express her apology publicly. Dee later informed the attendees of Rabbi Boteach's event that she has not yet replied to him.

It is important to note that Amanpour then apologized on live television and said that she got confused and meant to say "shooting" and mistakenly said "shootout". She added that she apologized to Rabbi Dee for the "unnecessary pain caused to him." In a conversation Dee had with the head of CNN's office in Jerusalem, Richard Alan Greene, Dee asked if he knew the difference between the murder of his family members by a terrorist and a shootout between soldiers and a terrorist. According to Dee, Greene could not answer him.

In another case on the network that happened a few weeks ago, a presenter stated after an interview with Dee that "we will bring more similar cases from the Palestinian side". Dee said that if CNN does not apologize, he intends to sue the network for $1.3 billion in damages, noting that this is the same amount for which Fox News was sued in the Dominion case in the aftermath of the 2020 US elections and the partisan claims of election fraud.

That Dominion case against Fox News ended with a settlement of approximately 800 million Dollars. Dee told the audience that Amanpour's defamation of his family by implying that they allegedly shot the terrorist or even had the means to is worse than what Fox News did to Dominion. Dee explained that he would consider dropping the lawsuit if the network changed its coverage.

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