In a rather unusual turn of events, the skies over the Middle East bore witness to two separate attacks attributed to the Israeli Air Force. The repercussions of these operations were felt in Syria, where reports indicate that two Syrian soldiers lost their lives, and another six sustained injuries.

The initial attack unfolded on a Wednesday afternoon, seemingly a precursor to a more extensive operation that unfolded later that night. The second attack occurred in northwestern Syria, primarily in the Homs region, and its target appeared to be an advanced Iranian radar system, according to estimations.

According to accounts from local Syrian sources, the earlier strikes near Tartus had a clear objective: to incapacitate the air defense systems, thereby setting the stage for the subsequent assault. This latter operation specifically targeted a shipment of advanced weaponry en route from Iran to Syria, with the ultimate destination being Lebanon.

The events of March 14th had already brought attention to the advanced radar system known as "Metal Alfajr" ("Morning Ascent") - part of the Iranian Series 3 radar systems. These sophisticated Iranian radars possess the capability to detect objects from distances spanning hundreds of kilometers and had been deployed within Syria. Back on December 18, 2022, one of these radar systems was targeted after its installation at Al-Daba Airport. While there are unverified reports of a similar system being targeted in Aleppo on March 22, 2023, there is no conclusive evidence to confirm this.

It is reasonable to speculate that several such radar systems are dispersed across Syria. Nevertheless, they have not significantly hampered the operational freedom of the Israeli Air Force, hence the lack of premeditated attacks on the part of the IDF. If indeed a system, similar to the one attacked south of Tartus, was targeted, it is plausible that this constituted a preliminary strike preceding the more extensive nighttime operation, the outcomes of which are still pending. As previously mentioned, the aftermath of the night attack has been reported in Syria, with two soldiers confirmed dead and six injured.

These mysterious attacks attributed to Israel follow closely on the heels of Defense Minister Yoav Galant's revelation earlier this week. Galant disclosed that Iran is in the process of constructing an airport in southern Lebanon, situated approximately 20 kilometers from the Israeli border. He remarked, "You can see in the photos the Iranian flag flying over the flight paths from which the Ayatollah regime plans to operate against the citizens of Israel." He added, "In other words, the land is Lebanese, the control is Iranian, the destination is Israel."

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