In a significant operation in Germany, authorities launched an extensive raid on Thursday morning, targeting 54 different locations across the country suspected of having ties to the Islamic Center in Hamburg. This center is believed to be a key supporter of Hezbollah, a group that Germany officially designated as a terrorist organization in 2020. While no immediate arrests were made during the raids, their primary objective was to gather evidence linking these locations and affiliated organizations to Hezbollah's activities.

Germany's Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, highlighted that the intelligence agencies in Germany had been monitoring the Islamic Center for an extended period. She emphasized the critical importance of taking decisive action, especially during times when Jewish communities face heightened threats. Minister Faeser stated, "Especially now, in times when so many Jews feel threatened, we will not tolerate Islamist or anti-Semitic propaganda, nor anti-Israeli incitement. This is the time to act with a strong hand. That is why we are seriously investigating every possible suspicion."

German intelligence agencies have reason to believe that the Islamic Center, often seen as Iran's extended arm in Germany, wields significant influence over specific mosques and organizations and, in some cases, exercises control over them. One prominent example is the Imam Ali Mosque in Hamburg, commonly referred to as the "Blue Mosque."

This move follows Germany's recent blanket ban on all Hamas activities within the country, including political and cultural engagements. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser made a resolute statement, saying, "As far as Hamas is concerned, we have today clearly and completely banned any activity related to this terrorist organization, whose stated goal is to destroy the State of Israel." This decision underscores Germany's commitment to countering terrorism and organizations that threaten peace and security in the region.

Additionally, the German government banned the activities of the "Smidon" association, which has connections to the terrorist organization "The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine." Despite its self-description as a human rights organization primarily engaged in political and volunteer work, "Smidon" has been revealed to have deep-rooted ties to various extreme leftist movements across Europe.

A comprehensive investigation conducted by the International Legal Forum approximately two years ago exposed the intricate links between "Smidon" and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The investigation's findings revealed that "Smidon" functions as an integral part of the Front's international strategic network.

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