Azerbaijan's security forces successfully thwarted an attempted attack on the Israeli embassy situated in the capital city of Baku, as reported by local media outlets in the South Caucasus nation. The incident involved an Iranian citizen who had made an armed attempt to breach the security of what was confirmed to be the Israeli embassy. Fortunately, the security forces promptly intervened, disarmed the assailant, and took him into custody. The identity of the would-be attacker was revealed as M.H. Husseinzadeh.

A reliable source within Azerbaijan confirmed to "Israel Hayom" that the targeted facility was, indeed, the Israeli embassy. Additionally, the source emphasized the extensive security measures in place, describing multiple layers of protection, ensuring the safety of Israeli citizens and diplomats within the embassy premises. The commitment of Azerbaijani security forces to prevent any harm to the Israeli diplomatic mission was resolute.

It is noteworthy that Israel and Azerbaijan have maintained a robust and cooperative relationship, despite the religious and political differences between the two nations. Azerbaijan, predominantly a Shiite Muslim country with political affiliations leaning towards Turkey, has been the beneficiary of advanced weaponry from Israel, which played a crucial role in Azerbaijan's victories during conflicts with Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh. Recent developments indicate Israel's intention to provide "Barak" anti-aircraft systems to Azerbaijan, further enhancing their defense capabilities.

Regrettably, this incident was not the first instance in which the Israeli embassy in Baku found itself as the target of a terrorist plot. Earlier in the year, Azerbaijani authorities apprehended an Afghan national who was under surveillance near the Israeli Embassy. It was suspected that he was planning an attack on the embassy. Subsequently, Azerbaijani and Israeli security agencies collaborated closely to investigate this threat. Surveillance footage captured the suspect wandering around the embassy premises before undercover police swiftly arrested him.

Highlighting the significance of the Israel-Azerbaijan relationship, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen's visit to Baku earlier this year underscored the strong ties between the two nations. Minister Cohen emphasized "Azerbaijan's strategic location", bordering Iran and its potential for fostering cooperation in various fields, including the economy, security, energy, and innovation. He further noted the importance of "building a united and robust front to address common challenges and enhance economic ties" between Israel and Azerbaijan. Furthermore, he led an economic delegation comprising significant Israeli companies, aiming to further strengthen bilateral relations and boost trade.

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