There is a correlation between US aid & Palestinian Terror (Source:

While the Biden administration has been asking Israel and the Palestinians to come to a compromise for months, a new study has found a surprising connection between the terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens and  U.S. economic aid to the Palestinian Authority.

According to the research, conducted by the Palestinian Media Watch Institute from 2011 through today, as American aid to the Palestinians increased during the Obama administration, so did the number of Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorism.

Later, when aid decreased from 2011 to 2019 under the Second Obama term and the Trump administrations, the number of Israelis killed by terrorism also decreased; but since the Biden administration renewed aid to the Palestinians in 2020, the number of Israelis killed in terrorist incidents has been soaring once again.

American aid to the Palestinian Authority is provided through three channels; an economic support fund, international drug control, and law enforcement, and support through the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA). From 2009 to 2017, the Obama administration provided the Palestinians with 6.4 billion dollars cumulatively. During this period, 140 Israelis and foreigners were murdered by Palestinian terrorism, an average of 17.5 people per year.

Over the course of 4 years, throughout the Trump administration which gradually cut aid down to only 670 million dollars, 42 Israelis and foreigners were murdered as a direct result of Palestinian terrorism. That is 10.5 people per year on average.

Since the Biden administration entered office in January 2021, the Palestinians received a billion dollars and in these two years 46 Israelis and foreigners were murdered, an average of 23 people per year. In January and February 2023, when American aid to the Palestinians continued to flow freely, 14 Israelis and foreigners were murdered as a direct result of Palestinian terrorism.

Maurice Hirsch, head of the legal department at the institute, claims: "The correlation is also annual. In a year when extensive economic aid flows to the Palestinians, the number of attacks increases, and vice versa. The Palestinians interpret American support, insofar as it is expressed in financial aid, as approval to perpetrate terrorism and murder Israelis.ā€

Hirsch, a reservist officer in the Israel Defense Forces, added that "US support is ostensibly dedicated to promoting peace, but in practice, the Palestinians see its support as an opportunity to promote terrorism. While US aid to the Palestinians flows freely, Palestinian terrorists feel empowered and kill Israelis. Only when the US demonstrates moral clarity and stops aid, the Palestinians realize that terrorism does not pay."

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