The three militants killed in Nablus after they attacked IDF forces

The Israel Defense Forces in cooperation with Israeli Police raided the Balata refugee camp in Nablus in the early hours of Monday morning, where it confiscated weapons and destroyed an explosives laboratory. In an exchange of fire in the refugee camp, three terrorists who shot at the Israeli security forces were killed, and the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that it was Fatehi Abu Rizq, Abdullah Abu Hamdan, and Muhammad Abu Zaytun. According to the Palestinian Authority, another Palestinian was mortally wounded, and two other armed men were seriously injured. IDF forces took the weapons that were on two of the terrorists who were killed.

In the activity, which lasted about four hours, hundreds of fighters from the Givati, Maglan, Duvdvan patrol units, the 50th Battalion of the Nahal, and the Border Patrol took part. The forces searched and confiscated weapons and weapons and arrested suspects. The operation was directed by the Shomron Brigade Col. Shimon Sisso from the brigade's headquarters. "There are no cities of refuge in Judea and Samaria, we work to 'mow grass' every day," security officials said after the operation.

In the operation in Nablus, three wanted persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activities were also arrested. According to the IDF, in the explosives laboratory that was destroyed by forces from the Yahalom unit, there were dozens of kilograms of explosives that were supposed to be used to carry out attacks. The IDF said that stones and explosives were thrown at the troops.

Meanwhile, in Jenin and other villages in the West Bank, another IDF operation took place. In Jenin, three wanted persons were arrested. The army said that during the operation, suspects threw a bomb and shot at the soldiers who responded by shooting back. In addition, military equipment was confiscated. During the withdrawal of the troops, suspects threw explosives at the forces, who responded by shooting.

Six more suspects were arrested in Abu Dis, Ezaria, Bnei Na'im, Kalax, Dora, and in the Alaida refugee camps near Bethlehem and Akbaat Jaber near Jericho; for a total of 13 arrested in all IDF activities at night. "During the withdrawal of the forces from the village of Abu Dis, suspects threw explosives and threw stones towards the forces, who responded with measures to disperse demonstrations. During the operation in Kfar Kalkas, the forces confiscated a number of grenades," the IDF said.

Fatah's Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said that their men took part in the exchange of fire with IDF forces in Nablus, and according to Palestinian reports, at least one of the dead belongs to them.

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