The apartment of the terrorist who killed Or Ascher was destroyed today

In accordance with Israeli law, a demolition unit of the Israel Defense Forces destroyed the house of the terrorist Muataz Khawaja who carried out the shooting attack on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv last March, in which Or Ascher, an Israeli civilian, was murdered. The operation took place in the village of Ni’lin between Monday and Tuesday.

The second-story apartment was destroyed by an engineered explosion by soldiers of the Yahalom unit, who planted explosive charges in the building. During the activity, several disturbances developed outside, however, there were no casualties among the Israeli forces. At the same time, in Nablus, Mohammed Tabanja, who is considered one of the founders of the "Lion's Den" terrorist group, was arrested.

According to Palestinian reports, the speaker systems of the mosques within the village of Ni’lin called the residents to go to Khawaja's house, adding in that the IDF had placed snipers on several buildings, causing clashes to break out between the locals and the operating troops. The rioters burned tires, threw stones, threw explosives, and shot fireworks at the soldiers, who responded by dispersing the demonstrations and shooting rubber bullets. According to the Palestinians, the soldiers forced the neighbors of the terrorist, who was killed immediately after the attack, to leave their homes, to prevent any unintentional casualties due to the explosives.

On March 9, Khawaja arrived at Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv after 8:30 PM., and opened fire on pedestrians. Or Ascher was mortally wounded and died 11 days later in the Ichilov Hospital, and besides him, his friends, Rotem Mansano and Michal Osdon, were also injured. The terrorist was eventually shot dead by a number of armed soldiers who were on vacation and happened to be on the scene.

A senior medic from the MDA's motorcycle unit, Eran Nadler, said: "When I arrived at the scene, I saw 2 injured people lying on the sidewalk, one of them unconscious. I immediately began to provide them with medical treatment when at the same time a report was received of another wounded person in one of the nearby businesses. Together with large MDA forces that quickly arrived at the scene, we gave the three wounded life-saving medical treatment and quickly evacuated them to the hospital."

Khawaja,  who crossed the Palestinian Authority checkpoint with Israel illegally was affiliated with Hamas and was previously sent to Israeli prison twice for possession of weapons and ammunition and involvement in a shooting incident. The terrorist's father, Salah Khawaja, said after the attack: "I hope he goes to heaven. Muataz is a moral person, who prayed often. He was in prison for four years and worked in a houseware shop."

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