Knesset Channel clip of Defense Minister Gallant's update to members about the Gaza War

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant made a powerful statement on Wednesday, revealing that Israel's ongoing war against Hamas has led to the elimination or wounding of 60 percent of the terrorist group's fighters since the deadly attacks on October 7. Gallant, addressing the Knesset on the progress of the conflict, underscored Israel's unwavering commitment to its war objectives: the total eradication of Hamas and the safe return of all hostages held in Gaza.

Gallant lauded the Israeli soldiers, praising their dedication, sacrifice, and remarkable success on the battlefield. "Our soldiers are performing their duties with unmatched dedication and excellence," he stated. "Their achievements are numerous and significant."

Israel has intensified its military operations, launching major new offensives in Gaza City in the north, as well as around Rafah and Khan Yunis in the south. Amidst these operations, Israel is also engaging in discussions with international mediators regarding the terms for a possible truce with Hamas.

"We have neutralized or injured 60 percent of the Hamas terrorists and dismantled the majority of their 24 battalions," Gallant declared, highlighting the substantial impact of the Israeli military campaign. However, he did not provide specific casualty figures, and the Israeli military did not immediately have precise statistics available.

The brutal October 7 attack by Hamas on southern Israel resulted in the tragic loss of more than 1,200 lives, mostly civilians, according to Israeli sources. The attackers also took 251 hostages, 116 of whom remain in Gaza, including 42 believed to be dead.

Israel's military response has been fierce with over 25% of Gaza structures completely destroyed as well as the damage to existing structures that occurred from the collapsing of underground terror tunnels. While Israel has received significant international support following the October 7 attacks, it has also faced considerable criticism for the extensive destruction caused by its military operations in Gaza despite much of the damage occuring from Hamas and Islamic Jihad's usage of civilian infrastructure for manufacturing, storing, launching missiles, mortars and drones. 

Despite the criticism, Gallant stood firm on Israel's objectives. "We have successfully returned half of the hostages, and we are resolute in our mission to bring the remaining hostages back home," he asserted.

The Israeli security establishment, with Gallant at its helm, remains steadfast in its resolve to see this conflict through to its objectives. "We are determined to achieve the goals of this war and complete them," Gallant concluded, emphasizing the unyielding commitment to Israel's security and the mission's ultimate success.

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