Windbuzz technology is making turbines more efficient

The Israeli company “WindBuzz” is developing a unique technology that significantly improves the productivity of wind turbines for energy creation, using a new wing that increases airflow. The WindBuzz system is based on technology that was developed over eight years and carries the ability to significantly improve the electricity production capacity of wind turbines on a dramatic scale.

WindBuzz recently announced a production agreement with the Italian turbine manufacturer “Northern Power Systems”, and the two companies plan to complete a pilot program together in Italy, within the framework of which the production of about 200 turbines will cost about 24 million shekels, and expected revenue of 16 million NIS per year using long-term contracts for a duration of 12 years with an extension clause.

As part of the contract between the companies, WindBuzz purchased a turbine propeller adapted for the company's system. Based on the success of the current pilot, WindBuzz plans on purchasing the land on which the new technology is being used in Italy with a supply agreement with the local electric company for 12 years. The Italian company cooperating will receive payment for the activity with the possibility of converting the payments into stock options.

According to WindBuzz, the turbines offered by them “Immediately react to the wind direction changes, allowing optimal operation even in low-speed wind conditions, as well as increase the efficiency of the turbine in high-speed wind conditions.” The company further states “Up-to-date estimates predict that renewable energy demand will grow by 5% annually, which is 1% higher than the demand for traditional energy sources.”

While critics of wind-generated energy claim the turbines used require gas to operate and therefore are not truly environmental, it seems WindBuzz also offers financial efficiency that completely outweighs other potential energy-creating concerns.  

Shavit Or, CEO of WindBuzz Israel: "The field of wind energy is a field that is experiencing global momentum - either due to an increase in awareness and the demand for non-polluting energy production or due to the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine. We live in an age where green energy is no longer a nice to have, but a necessary need and an essential resource. We are proud to lead a technological breakthrough in the field of wind energy, and are happy to be part of the global effort to make the world greener."

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