Harbo's Rapid Response Boom (Video Capture)

Despite being a major environmental and fiscal issue, oil spills are typically not reported on. The last time such an event made headlines, was in 2010 when the vast majority of the Gulf of Mexico was stained with the deadly black oil. In reality, oil spills occur every single day, but in smaller quantities. Usually, over 50 oil spills happen all over the world daily, with the current main issue being that emergency teams responsible for containing the spill can take an extended period of time to get the job done.

Recognizing this problem and how every single minute is crucial in containing oil spills, an Israeli company called “Harbo” has developed a new rather simple method to effectively stop oil spills from spreading across the oceans. Harbo, is striving for its technology to become a necessity for first responders at the sites of these environmental hazards. Using a floating barrier, or what is called a “boom” that can be deployed in just 15 minutes by workers with no previous training, they very well might be on their way to accomplishing their goal.  

Using the boom by putting around a specific contaminated area, Harbo has been experiencing success in completely stopping oil spills from spreading throughout the surface of the oceans. While obviously barriers are currently used in the industry,  they usually are extremely heavy and very labor-intensive to deploy.

Boaz Richter, general manager of the company told “NoCamels”, whose focus is Israeli innovation, “The problem is that worldwide, we’re talking about 60-70 recorded oil spills per day, and there is an estimate that about 10 times as many are not reported. We’re not trying to compete with the traditional solutions. Our solution is accessible, easy to use, and does not require any training, which allows for a rapid response.”

The Harbo boom, which is extremely light, has already been through two separate trials at The National Oil Spill Response & Renewable Energy Test Facility for the United States, located in New Jersey. The OHMSETT is currently the only facility of its kind in which full-scale oil spill response equipment testing can take place along with research, and training. 

According to the testing done by Harbo, their new equipment has stopped all oil from spreading both on the surface of water and underneath. Israel’s new gas fields just off the shores of its Northern and Southern coasts are an example of just how helpful Harbo’s technology can be not only for the entire world but for Israel alike.


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