The Israeli company GenCell, which develops technology to generate electricity from hydrogen without carbon emissions, has been selected as one of the 15 companies that will participate in the Amazon Web Services Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0 of Amazon's cloud division. 

The program is designed to facilitate collaborations with mature startups that develop groundbreaking technologies in the field of renewable energy. The program focuses on fostering innovation and rapid growth of clean energy technology for dealing with the global climate crisis.

"The ground-breaking innovations, products, and solutions presented in our previous renewable energy accelerator programs have provided an inspiring glimpse into the energy systems of the future, and chart a path to accelerate decarbonization on a broader scale," said Howard Geffen, director of energy and infrastructure operations at Amazon's cloud division (AWS).  "We are happy to welcome GenCell into the Renewable Energy 3.0 Accelerator, and to work together to tackle one of the greatest challenges of our generation."

Rami Rashef, CEO of GenCell, said: "We are excited to join the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator and to work in cooperation with the challenges facing the world in regard to green energy and carbon emissions reduction. Through this program, which is led by a significant body like AWS, we will be able to help define and shape the future of innovation in the field of renewable energy in the world."

Through the program, industry executives and opinion leaders will guide startups on topics such as energy, digital capability, investments, public policy, innovation, and advanced research. Leading organizations in the field of energy will accompany the startups in tackling the challenges of renewable energy and zero carbon emissions, while AWS provides training in accelerating experiments, expanding automation, and providing deep insights by using the cloud.

The program, which will be held for 12 weeks virtually and in person, will be launched in Seattle in April. It will include international meetings to foster centers of technological innovation around the world, including one in the United Arab Emirates. The accelerator will culminate with the innovation display that will be held at the Climate Conference of the United Nations for 2023 also known as COP 28 to be held in November in Dubai.

GenCell was established in 2011 and offers green energy solutions in the field of fuel cells. The company's products are based on innovative, unique, and reliable technology developed by the company. Genesel currently provides power backup solutions for a wide variety of sites, including communication towers, industrial plants, internal security applications, hospitals, and automated industries, in 22 countries around the world.

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