Joe Biden jokes with PA President Mahmoud Abbas

Elan Ganeles, a 27-year-old Jewish boy from Connecticut was killed in cold blood by Palestinian terrorists on Monday morning near the Dead Sea. His killers have not yet been found, but they can be certain when they are, they will be paid handsomely by the Palestinian Authority using funds supplied to them by the United States under President Joe Biden.

While the Israel Defense Forces can be counted on when it comes to delivering justice, the US government under the Biden administration is putting American values, such as protecting the rights of minority ethnicities and religions, and the security of its people to shame and violating a US law known as the Taylor Force Act in doing so. 

Ganeles, who grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, and attended the “Young Israel” synagogue in his neighborhood, just recently finished his studies at Columbia University after discharging from his service in the IDF. He was an American patriot, a believer in Zionism, and according to all his friends and family a highly opinionated individual.

A US citizen was killed for appearing to Palestinian terrorists as an appropriate Jewish target and the closest thing to a strong condemnation on behalf of a US official came from the Governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont who said: “I am incredibly saddened to learn of the passing of Elan Ganeles, who grew up in West Hartford. These attacks are devastating and shocking. My condolences go out to his family and loved ones.” 

“These attacks”. Did Governor Lamont mean the unprovoked killing of an American ethnic minority for appearing a certain way and driving through the ‘wrong neighborhood’? It is almost hard to believe that the United States of America, the land of immigrants and equal opportunity for all is not reacting in a forceful manner to this tragedy. State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price, also mentioned the killing of Ganeles in his Monday statement, but that was quickly buried by a load of Israeli actions the White House harshly condemned. Meanwhile, the funds that go to compensate the terrorists and their families are still flowing, despite the ban on it as outlined in the Taylor Force Act.

On the very same day as an American was murdered in the name of foreign nationality, US officials in all different positions had the guts to strongly condemn Israeli settler violence against Arab villagers in the West Bank after two Jewish brothers were shot at point-blank range by another Palestinian terrorist. What these actions and discourse demonstrate is a clear disconnect on behalf of the Biden administration from the US’s responsibility to defend and protect their own; all signs of a crumbling empire. 

Also, it should be noted that State Department Spokesperson expected the Israeli government to “ensure full accountability and prosecute those responsible for the attacks in addition to compensation for the property,” in regard to the damage done by Israeli citizens in the Arab village of Hawara. The State Department, however, did not even hint at expecting compensation or responsible behavior from the Palestinian Authority, which is directly responsible for the murder of Elan Ganeles. The most powerful democracy in the world, along with the strongest military, under the Biden administration, simply lack the courage to confront terrorism even when it's at their doorstep. 

To be clear, declaring war on the Palestinian Authority for this crime would also be ridiculously inappropriate, but there is a moderate, responsive manner that the American people deserve when being directly assaulted by foreign perpetrators. Not to mention the antisemitic nature of this killing, something the White House has time and time again claimed to be whole heartily against yet somehow fails to act on. 

Tacitus, the famous Roman historian, and scholar said at the height of his beloved Rome’s power, just before it all slipped away that “great empires are not maintained by timidity.” Sure, one can claim that the US response to this killing is contained due to the politically-charged climate involved, but an underlining issue in regards to US sovereignty and its status as a respected power is beginning to unravel, and if President Biden and his administration ever cared for such values now is the time to demonstrate their loyalty both to American values and the global movement for democracy.

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