The primary objective of "Operation Medina" was to secure the Arab village of Kfar Saba, a crucial move aimed at stabilizing the border in the Qalqilya sector. The operation was executed in anticipation of the imminent invasion by neighboring Arab countries following Israel's declaration of statehood. Among the brave soldiers serving in this operation, Dov Broder stood out as an armored driver leading the reconnaissance platoon.


As the battle unfolded, the Israeli forces faced a formidable challenge as waves of Arab reinforcements descended upon them. Faced with the overwhelming might of the Arab forces and a lack of communication between different Israeli units, a withdrawal order was reluctantly issued.

Dov Broder's unit received the critical mission of relaying the withdrawal order to another Israeli force and providing cover during their retreat. Tragically, during this mission, Dov Broder's armored personnel carrier was struck by enemy shells, resulting in his untimely death. Despite their best efforts, his comrades were unable to locate his body, and Dov was declared a soldier with an unknown burial site.

In the aftermath of the intense battles of May 1948 during the War of Independence, an unidentified soldier was interred in the Petach Tikva Segula cemetery. It wasn't until the years between 2006 and 2023 that a comprehensive missing persons investigation was undertaken to ascertain the true identity of this anonymous soldier and determine if he might indeed be the late Dov Broder.

This extensive investigative process included the exhumation of the grave, genetic sampling, and anthropological analysis of the remains, along with detailed engineering and ballistic research based on the historical events of the battle. Researchers also meticulously collected and examined relevant documents from state and IDF archives and conducted interviews with witnesses who had firsthand experience of the battle.

From the culmination of these investigative efforts, several crucial findings emerged. Anthropological evidence strongly supported the identification of the unknown soldier as none other than Dov Broder. Further inquiry and careful scrutiny of testimonies and documents revealed a telling detail: an unknown soldier had arrived at Beilinson Hospital, where casualties from the battle were treated, wearing a distinctive gold ring. This ring precisely matched the description provided by Dov's widow, who had stated that he was the only soldier missing from the battle who possessed such a ring.

Remarkably, these in-depth investigations into the remains of Israeli soldiers who sacrificed their lives over seven decades ago continue to this day, a testament to the unwavering commitment of an entire IDF unit dedicated to this noble cause. The pursuit of historical truth and the honoring of those who gave their all for the establishment of the State of Israel remain at the forefront of these ongoing efforts.

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