A map showing UN Resolution 181 which the Arabs rejected

On November 29th, 1947, the United Nations officially accepted the partition plan for the British Mandate of Palestine. The plan was Israel’s green light to begin preparations for the soon-to-be Jewish state, despite Arab resistance to a Jewish state in Palestine.

In the Zionist communities of Palestine, the vote was widely celebrated and to some extent is still marked as a festive date. Thousands clung to the radio to hear the UN discussions, and loudspeakers were installed in public places for the benefit of pedestrians walking through the streets. When the radios announced the final decision, circles of people dancing were seen in every Jewish part of what was soon-to-be the State of Israel. 

Rachel Kafri and Zirr Luz are among those who got to experience the historical moments. "I worked in those days in the apiary of the kibbutz," said Luz who grew up in the Ein Harod kibbutz. "That day we moved beehives from orchard to orchard. In the evening we all sat by the radio and put on what we called the 'Yes, No, Abstain'. when we heard that they reached 33 yes votes compared to 13 no, everyone jumped for joy."

Rachel Kafri who recently celebrated her 101st birthday was born in Tel Aviv and was well connected to the Nahalal Kibbutz. She also spoke with Israeli reporters for the 75th anniversary of the partition plan. 

"They say I'm 101 years old, but I don't feel that old. I remember the vote at the UN, everyone in Nahalal was close to the radio. I was already a mother of two small children, I remember we all gathered in the schoolyard, it was a big playground, and we started dancing. But not me, because I'm not a dancer by nature", Kafri laughed. 

Meanwhile, as part of the events of the 75th anniversary of the UN resolution, The World Zionist Organization initiated a recreation of the famous giant cake that was prepared at the "Kapolsky" cafe in Tel Aviv in honor of the celebrations and was distributed to locals.

The restoration of the cake and the photo was made by the “Or Spitz” bakery, which is just a short mile away from "Kapolsky", which no longer exists today. The Chairman of The World Zionist Organization, Ya'akov Hagoel said: "75 After the historical event, the line that David Ben-Gurion read in the Declaration of Independence resonates: 'This is the natural right of the Jewish people to live as a people and a nation, standing on its own authority in its sovereign state.'"


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