Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conducted extensive operations over the weekend in the Nur Al-Shams refugee camp, situated to the east of Tulkarm. These operations resulted in the elimination of at least two armed terrorists who had been launching explosives at Israeli forces. Additionally, during the mission, IDF engineers unearthed numerous explosive devices hidden underground. Among the discoveries was a substantial improvised explosive device (IED) designed for use against armored vehicles. Israeli forces also confiscated multiple caches of weaponry concealed in warehouses. Unfortunately, one IDF soldier sustained moderate injuries from shrapnel during the operation and was promptly transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

Various units within the IDF, including Egoz, Yahalom, Golani patrol, Border Patrol, and the Shin Bet, participated in the operation. They not only uncovered raw materials intended for the creation of large, deadly explosive devices but also located a military vehicle equipped with cameras and monitors. Furthermore, Israeli forces identified another structure filled with explosives and neutralized dozens of ready-to-use IEDs and makeshift grenades crafted from gas cylinders.

Remarkably, no arrests were made during this operation, and the Israeli forces subsequently withdrew from the refugee camp. Palestinian media outlets have reported that the two Palestinian terrorists killed in the exchange of fire were identified as 32-year-old Abd-Rahman Suleiman Abu Daghesh and 21-year-old Osaid Jabawi. Following the IDF operation in the refugee camp, the Fatah movement in Tulkarm declared a "comprehensive strike affecting all industries."

The exchange of fire in Nur al-Shams represents the most recent occurrence in a series of violent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian militants in Judea and Samaria. Just recently, during an operation conducted by Israeli security forces in the village of Dan, located to the west of Jenin, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported the tragic death of a civilian. According to Palestinian sources, Abdullah Imad Abu Al-Hassan, a resident of Al-Yamun, was fatally struck by a bullet in the stomach.

It was also reported that Al-Hassan was killed during confrontations that erupted in the village following the arrival of IDF forces. On the same night, Israeli security forces apprehended a known terrorist in Nablus, who had been involved in shooting attacks and acts of sabotage against Israelis. The detained terrorist, identified as Khaled Adel A-Wahhab Tabila, was a member of the Palestinian security apparatus and served as the field commander for the terrorist organization "Lion's Den." His primary activities included targeting IDF forces during operations in Samaria.

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