An in-flight display showing the New York To Tel Aviv route (The Judean)

United Airlines and Delta Airlines are finally making a return to Israel this week after extended interruptions due to Israel's war against Hamas that erupted on October 7 after the terror group launched a brutal massacre against Israeli communities bordering Gaza.

Here is what you need to know:

**United Airlines resumes flights to Tel Aviv from Newark, starting with one daily flight on Thursday.United was the first American carrier to resume flights to Tel Aviv in March, but suspended service again on April 12.

**United and Delta are the only American carriers flying to Israel until October; EL AL dominates the market with more flights and seats. but it is hoped the competition will nudge the Israeli carrier to lower its prices

Israel’s flag carrier, El Al, has maintained regular flights since October 7, but has been accused of price gouging at a time when Israel needed the support of foreign tourists. At its peak, prices for a coach ticket could be purchased for as much as $1700. Nearly all foreign airlines ceased operations, and tourists have been understandably hesitant to visit following the brutal Hamas attack on southern Israel and the subsequent war.

United Airlines announced their resumption of flights to Israel this Thursday, following a weeks-long suspension. Remarkably, the airline was the first American carrier to restart direct flights to Israel in March after the October 7 hiatus, but had to temporarily suspend service again a few weeks later due to the Iranian assault.

From June 6, United will recommence daily flights to Newark, expanding to twice-daily flights from June 20. Before the turmoil of October 7, United impressively operated four direct flights daily to Tel Aviv from Newark, San Francisco, Washington, and Chicago.

Due to the ongoing conflict in Israel, United Airlines has not been consistently flying to Tel Aviv since May 19. When the conflict erupted in October 2023, all American carriers abruptly ceased operations in Tel Aviv, uncertain of when they would return. United made a bold move in March as the first American airline to resume flights, only to pull out again on April 12.

Delta is also gearing up to restart its Tel Aviv service from New York-JFK on Friday. The nonstop daily service resumes on June 7 after an exhaustive security risk assessment, with Delta continuing to closely monitor the volatile situation in Israel.

Delta’s daily nonstop service to Tel Aviv (TLV) from New York-JFK will be operational this summer, utilizing the state-of-the-art Airbus A330-900neo, providing nearly 2,000 weekly seats from New York to Israel.

The decision to resume this route on June 7, 2024, which was temporarily suspended in October 2023, follows Delta’s thorough security evaluation. Delta remains vigilant, continually assessing the situation in Israel in collaboration with government and private-sector partners.

In a significant strategic move, Delta has fortified its presence in Israel through a codeshare partnership with EL AL Israel Airlines. Delta customers now have access to EL AL’s direct services to Tel Aviv from major U.S. cities including New York-JFK, New York-Newark, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. With Delta’s New York-JFK service reinstated this summer, customers now enjoy even more travel options connecting North America and Israel.

Air Canada, which like United resumed flights to Israel in March only to pause again after the Iranian attack in April, was also set to resume flights this month but recently extended the suspension to August.

Other foreign carriers such as Lufthansa, Swiss, and British Airways have resumed their Israel routes, albeit on a limited basis.

The ongoing conflict has led to a dramatic surge in plane ticket prices to and from Israel, more than doubling in recent months due to the overwhelming demand and shortage of flights. When war broke out in the wake of Hamas’s horrifying October 7 attack on southern Israel, nearly all major international airlines swiftly suspended flights to Tel Aviv.

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