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Recently, work began on the construction of a new residential neighborhood that includes 100 villas in Area B of Judea and Samaria, intended for convicted terrorists who sat in Israeli prison for over 5 years. Area B is under the civilian responsibility of the Palestinian Authority and the security of the Israel Defense Forces. The group behind this project is the association "Al Karama Corporation for Prisoners' Housing" whose members are Palestinians who sat in Israeli prison for at least 5 years for crimes that include but are not limited to murder and harming public safety.

In the association's executive board, you can find family members of terrorists such as Abla Saadat, the wife of Ahmed Saadat, the secretary general of the Popular Front for Palestine, and Naim Al-Sharif, the father of Imad Al-Sharif from the Hamas terrorist organization.

The Regavim movement, a pro-Zionist organization that works to promote a pro-Israel real estate policy while maintaining state lands and proper administration at the legal, parliamentary, and public levels, was the first to report about the planning of this realty project for terrorists.

The movement regularly monitors the activities of the Palestinian Authority, among other things by monitoring Palestinian media outlets of their kind, social media, and Palestinian websites, including the promotion of construction plans, which come out under the auspices of the PA. Professionals from the movement investigate trends and sometimes submit objections to the government if they constitute a security or sanitary risk.

"This story proves how far the statements that the Palestinian Authority must be strengthened are disconnected from reality," says Avraham Binyamin, director of the police department in the Regavim. β€œThe fact that the neighborhood overlooks the Wadi Harmia intersection, where one of the major shooting attacks took place this month 21 years ago when a Palestinian sniper took aim at soldiers and killed seven and three other Israeli citizens, reinforces the absurdity; instead of raising a  red flag and strengthening the war on terror, the Palestinian Authority is aiding the establishment of a luxury neighborhood there reserved for convicted terrorists."

The head of the Binyamin Council, Israel Gantz, responded, "Unfortunately, the general security concept led by the Israeli senior officers does not match the threats. The task of curbing terrorism is much greater than the pursuit of weapons but includes an iron fist against the perpetrators of terrorism in the Palestinian Authority. The opposite way, which is currently in place, is to allow the perpetrators of terrorism to establish a neighborhood and expand.” 

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