Israel Gantz & Mayor Adams (Source: Benjamin Regional Council)

Manhattan was wrapped in blue and white Sunday afternoon as the traditional and largest support parade for Israel took place on 5th Avenue under this year’s motto "Renewing Hope". More than 40,000 people and groups from 200 different organizations participated in the parade both Jews and non-Jews, politicians from the right and left, members of Congress, mayors, and other dignitaries. The parade has been held since 1965 and is organized by the New York Jewish Community Public Relations Council (JCRC-NY).

During the parade for Israel, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and chairman of the Benjamin regional council, Israel Gantz, marched together. Adams met the delegation of the Judea and Samaria Benjamin Council and received an invitation from Gantz to visit Israel.

"Hearing the stories about the history of the Jewish people, who came out of Shiloh in Benjamin, and seeing what is happening today is fascinating and exciting. The many stories I heard about Benjamin are worthy of praise and I would love to visit such a special place for the Jewish people soon," said Adams.

Israel Gantz said in response, "Through blessed people like Adams, we get to rejoice and strengthen the good name of the Benjamin region and the State of Israel. I believe that a significant message is coming out of New York today for the Benjamin region and I look forward to Adams' visit to the Land of the Bible."

Rabbi Yehoshua Fass, co-founder and CEO of Nefesh B'Nefesh delivered a statement to the press and said: "Standing here on American soil and witnessing New York City being painted blue and white, in the presence of hundreds of thousands of participants, is a spectacle that I can never remain indifferent to. This year we were privileged to be among the stages leading the parade. Our participation in this important march is a vivid reminder to the local community that the State of Israel will always be here as the home of the Jewish people in the Diaspora and a testament to the strategic importance and economic contribution of the aliyah to the country."

The protest against the judicial reform also made it to the parade this year. The organization "Ameinu", a progressive Jewish-American group affiliated with the Israeli left, which until now in its years of existence has avoided coming to the annual parade on Fifth Avenue in New York, decided to participate in the parade this year to express solidarity with the protest taking place in Israel against the reform of the judicial system.

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