A clip from the IMFA's ad campaign set to run beginning Super Bowl Sunday

In a strategic and innovative campaign aimed at highlighting the critical issue of hostages held by Hamas, the Israeli National Information Directorate, in partnership with the Government Advertising Agency, launched a comprehensive advertising campaign in the United States. This campaign, designed to coincide with the Super Bowl—a time when millions of Americans are glued to their screens—employs a variety of modern advertising mediums to ensure maximum outreach and impact.

Central to this effort is a collaboration between the Diaspora Ministry and the National Information Directorate, tapping into every conceivable advertising channel to disseminate their message. The campaign utilizes smart TV advertisements, strategically placed billboards in major urban centers, and radio spots on platforms with a focus on current events and sports, embodying a holistic approach to reaching a broad audience.

A key feature of the campaign is a moving video message aired across Paramount’s smart TV network during the Super Bowl, advocating for the hostages' release. This is augmented by digital billboards positioned in prominent locations in Washington, D.C., and New York City, crafted to ensure the campaign's message is seen by as many people as possible.

Additionally, a targeted digital video campaign has been initiated on various news and content websites, accompanied by radio advertisements on digital platforms dedicated to sports and current affairs. These initiatives are expected to generate nearly 10 million initial impressions, with the ambitious goal of reaching tens of millions of Americans.

In a parallel strategy, the Hostages and Missing Families Forum is leveraging social media advertising during the Super Bowl to rally support for the 136 hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza. The campaign, featuring actor Michael Rapaport, calls on viewers to advocate for the hostages by visiting Lifeshiftr.com, a website designed to mobilize visitors to contact their local representatives regarding the hostage situation.

The advertising content, designed to capture the attention typically reserved for Super Bowl commercials, includes heartfelt appeals from family members of the hostages, adding a personal and emotive layer to the campaign. This approach seeks to cultivate a deeper understanding among the public and galvanize widespread support for the cause.

As these diverse campaigns unfold against the backdrop of one of the most viewed events in American television, there is a hopeful expectation that they will significantly advance awareness and support for the hostages in Gaza, representing a pivotal moment in addressing this humanitarian crisis.

The Super Bowl will also serve as a platform for a commercial featuring Israeli fathers held hostage by Hamas, with a commitment to their return. This ad, set to be broadcast during the television event's most watched segment, represents a significant investment with an estimated cost of $7 million.

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, is also contributing to the cause with an ad funded through his Foundation to Combat Antisemitism. This ad aims to raise awareness of the threats and violence directed against Jews in America, a concern underscored by Kraft’s reflections on the disturbing echoes of history he perceives in current events.

Kraft's commentary to USA Today, recalling the chants of "Jews will not replace us" by individuals dressed as Nazis in Charlottesville and referencing the Tree of Life massacre, expresses a deep concern over the parallels between today's America and Germany of the 1930s. Kraft's determination to prevent a slide into the horrors of the 1940s is a poignant reminder of the stakes involved, not just in combatting antisemitism but in preserving the values of democracy and tolerance.

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