The two graphs showing how the UN quietly walked back deth numbers (UN OCHA)

In an utterly unacceptable display of negligence, the United Nations has finally admitted to grossly inflating the death toll of Gazan children in the ongoing conflict, initially claiming a staggering 13,450 young lives lost. This number, sourced from the Hamas-run Gazan Health Ministry, was broadcast globally, painting Israel as a monstrous aggressor guilty of the most heinous war crimes, including the deliberate targeting of infants and children. The outrage sparked by these figures was massive, with international media quick to condemn Israel based on these horrifying but now proven inaccurate statistics.

However, the real shock comes as the UN sheepishly revised these figures down by a shocking 42%, now stating that 7,797 children have died—a significant correction that casts a dark shadow over the credibility of any figures coming out of Gaza. This adjustment, buried beneath bureaucratic obfuscation, was subtly slipped into the public discourse without adequate explanation or accountability, doing little to mend the deep wounds inflicted on Israel's international standing.

To compound the farce, even the method of counting has been shrouded in ambiguity, with the UN making a dubious distinction between 'reported' and 'identified' fatalities. This mathematical sleight of hand does nothing to reassure anyone of the veracity of either the original or revised numbers. And while other regions under scrutiny, like Ukraine, benefit from a rigorous and transparent methodology for casualty reporting by the UN, Gaza's figures seem to emerge from a chaotic void, unanchored by stringent standards or verification, and conveniently ignoring any semblance of truth when it can be used to cast aspersions on Israel.

Hillel Neuer, who serves as Executive Director of United Nations Watch pointed out in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that "In Ukraine, the UN has a defined methodology using individual records of civilian harm, requiring a reasonable grounds standard of proof. As a result, the UN states that the actual death toll is likely higher, because their count is careful & cautious." He continued the thread, saying "Yet when Israel can be blamed, it’s the complete opposite. For Gaza there is no method or standard of proof. The UN simply parrots Hamas numbers, the source laundered by the UN as “Gaza Ministry of Health” or “Government Media Office.” In fact, both are run by terrorist Hamas."

Neuer also pointed out that in 2014, during the Syrian civil war, the U.N. stopped the fictitious count of dead when they realized it was being misrepresented. But in Gaza, Neuer said "even as the UN effectively admits that it fed the media and the world completely false Hamas numbers—they are doing the opposite. They're doubling down."

The ineptitude—or perhaps outright bias—demonstrated by the UN in this matter is not only an affront to the truth but a grievous assault on the principles of justice and fairness in international conflict reporting. This fiasco reveals a scandalous level of incompetence that has not only misled the world but has also fanned the flames of anti-Israel sentiment based on falsehoods. Such recklessness cannot be overlooked nor forgiven.

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