Last month, Lebanese journalist Layal Alekhtiar conducted an interview in Arabic with Avichay Adraee, the spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). In a surprising turn of events, just three days after the interview, a media campaign was launched against her, criticizing her respectful tone towards the senior IDF officer. Alekhtiar referred to him as the "spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces" and addressed him as "Mr. Adraee," demonstrating her respect for the IDF. However, her show of respect did not sit well with some, leading to a lawsuit filed against her by the military prosecution in Lebanon.

What makes this lawsuit particularly intriguing is that it has been filed against Alekhtiar alone. According to the London-based Arabic newspaper "A-Sharq Al-Awast," several other journalists have interviewed Avichay Adraee on numerous occasions without facing any legal action. This discrepancy raises questions about whether this lawsuit is motivated by personal or political vendettas.

Alekhtiar is employed by the Saudi Al-Arabiya network and is known for her opposition to Hezbollah. She frequently criticizes the terrorist organization through her media coverage and has been accused of supporting normalization with Israel. Consequently, she and other like-minded journalists often find themselves accused of "participating in the war in Gaza." Critics argue that her coverage of the conflict takes a pro-Israel stance.

On a Thursday, Alekhtiar took to her Twitter account, to reveal that a search and investigation warrant had been issued against her by the Lebanese military prosecution. This action came following allegations made against her by individuals associated with Hezbollah. Alekhtiar denounced this move as a clear case of political persecution and legal oppression, asserting that it had no connection to truth and justice. She declared, "Those behind it cause moral, national, and human disgrace. They are the ones who plundered the country, covering up their crimes by suppressing freedoms. I am not afraid because I am Lebanese from now until Judgment Day - until my last breath. You will not touch my freedom, my honor, or my beliefs, no matter what you do."

The Al-Arabiya network swiftly condemned the attacks against their employed journalist and expressed unwavering support for her. They emphasized their commitment to providing professional and balanced news coverage from all perspectives. In their statement, the Saudi network declared, "This is an attempt to intimidate journalists to prevent them from presenting professional discourse and balanced coverage. The network reiterates its commitment to provide comprehensive and professional news coverage that investigates the news from all sides and sources, according to the highest levels of reliability and objectivity."

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