The "Guardian" recently published detailed information regarding the instructions that were purportedly passed on to the thousands of Hamas operatives who infiltrated Israel on the morning of October 7, carrying out a surprise attack that resulted in a massacre. According to the Guardian's report, in an effort to maintain the utmost secrecy surrounding the operation, the initial instructions were given to the terrorists just hours before the commencement of the deadly assault.

Prior to 4:00 AM, the Hamas terrorists, who had been participating in the organization's ongoing training programs and had no intention of attending their regular morning prayers at local mosques, were instructed to perform their prayers. Approximately an hour later, as the skies over Gaza began to clear, new directives were disseminated, primarily through word of mouth. By 5:00 AM, these terrorists were instructed to return to their homes, retrieve their weapons and ammunition, and arrive armed at specific rendezvous points. Remarkably, even at this stage, the terrorists remained unaware of the nature of the impending operation and the actions they were to undertake.

The instructions continued to spread throughout the Gaza Strip through word of mouth, a testament to the organization's commitment to maintaining operational secrecy. Initially, the directives were conveyed to battalion commanders, each consisting of a hundred or more terrorists. Subsequently, they were relayed to divisional commanders, composed of 20 or 30 terrorists, and then to squad commanders. The instructions even extended to friends, neighbors, and relatives of the participating terrorists, who joined them in the exercises held twice a week at numerous locations throughout the Strip.

It was only when the terrorists reached the designated assembly points that Hamas distributed more lethal weaponry and additional ammunition. Many of these individuals had undergone training with these weapons in the months leading up to the attack, returning them to Hamas after each session. On the fateful morning of October 7, they were armed with machine guns, sniper rifles, RPGs, hand grenades, and explosives.

By 6:00 AM, as the sun had already risen, the final orders were issued, this time in written form. The terrorists were now tasked with making a rush toward the border fence and penetrating it through holes that had been created, subsequently targeting both Israeli soldiers and civilians on the other side.

On this particular Saturday morning, various Hamas units were assigned three distinct tasks. The first group was required to initiate attacks on IDF bases near the border fence with Gaza, as well as the residents of Israeli towns situated nearby. The second group was entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding Hamas positions from any approaching Israeli soldiers, often resorting to ambushes on the roads as a defensive tactic. Finally, the third group's mission was to abduct as many individuals as possible, bringing them to breaches in the fence, where they would be handed over to designated units responsible for transporting them to tunnels located within the Gaza Strip.

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