Video capture of a hostage being escorted by militants into Shifa on October 7th.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) disclosed surveillance footage from Shifa Hospital, revealing the admission of abductees from Nepal and Thailand by Hamas terrorists on October 7. This video, unveiled on Sunday, depicts scenes inside the Gaza City hospital, including a segment where Hamas is accused of murdering a captive Israeli soldier.

Newly released videos also show an extensive network of tunnels and bunkers beneath Shifa Hospital. This highlights the IDF's active operations in the area and supports claims that Hamas uses such facilities as strategic shields for terrorist activities.

Israeli officials are eager to showcase this evidence globally, reinforcing their stance that Hamas shields its operations using civilians and civilian infrastructure, thereby lending legitimacy to Israel's defensive measures.

In a recent briefing, the IDF highlighted three hostages, among the over 240 people seized in a Hamas-led offensive six weeks ago. This attack, characterized by heavy rocket fire, led to the deaths of over 1,200 people, mostly civilians, from southern Israeli communities and at a peace themed music festival in Re'im.

Israel responded by declaring war on Hamas, initiating an air and ground campaign to dismantle Hamas's control in Gaza and secure the hostages' release. This ongoing ground operation, which has resulted in the loss of 63 Israeli soldiers, currently focuses on northern Gaza, with plans to expand southward.

Operations around Shifa Hospital have reportedly revealed evidence of the facility's use for terrorist activities. The IDF is working on evacuating patients from the area.

Footage released on Sunday shows one of the hostages injured and on a hospital bed, while another is forcibly brought into the hospital. The IDF states that these images confirm Hamas's use of Shifa Hospital for terrorist activities on the day of the alleged massacre.

The IDF has notified relevant authorities about this footage, which also depicts Hamas terrorists inside Shifa Hospital, near the hostages' rooms, and commandeered IDF vehicles at the medical center.

An infographic was also released by the army, indicating where the bodies of hostages Yehudit Weiss and Cpl. Noa Marciano were found near Shifa.

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari revealed that Marciano, injured in an IDF strike while held captive in Gaza, was later taken to Shifa and killed by Hamas. This account counters Hamas's assertion that Marciano perished in IDF strikes, indicating instead that she was murdered within Shifa Hospital by Hamas.

Additionally, the Shin Bet and IDF have unveiled videos depicting segments of Hamas's tunnel network underneath Shifa, with the first clear underground footage released on Sunday.

This detailed IDF report aims to highlight the complexities and challenges in the Gaza conflict, especially concerning the militant use of civilian structures.

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