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The Israel Defense Forces along with other security forces are continuing the investigation of an incident that took place at the beginning of the week near Megiddo on a highly trafficked road in the north of the country. Late Wednesday, the IDF announced that it was indeed a terrorist attack, carried out by a terrorist who infiltrated Israel from Lebanon and was neutralized by IDF and Shin Bet soldiers.

The incident began with the explosion of the explosive device that occurred on Monday morning at the Megiddo junction on highway 65 in which a young man was seriously injured. Immediately after that, the IDF realized that the charge was unusual in its characteristics, similar to bombs seen in the Lebanese arena, and not in Judea, Samaria, or Gaza where most Palestinian attacks originate from. The forces began carrying out patrols and searches in the northern area of ​​the country, with the aim of locating those involved.

During the searches, the IDF soldiers stopped a vehicle in the village of Shlomi which borders Lebanon, in which the terrorist was found with an explosive belt on his body ready to be activated as he was sitting in a seat next to the driver. In addition, a gun, a rifle, and another explosive device were found in the terrorist's possession. The forces shot and neutralized him on the spot as he was an imminent threat to human life. The identity of the terrorist is still unclear, and it is not clear how he knew how to navigate Israel.

As mentioned, afterward, the forces that began treating the vehicle in which the terrorist was located with an extra explosive belt and additional combative equipment. The IDF estimates that the terrorist, whose full identity is still unknown, crossed into Israel from Lebanese territory, most likely on Saturday night or Sunday night, and is now investigating how he did it. There are leads that are currently under investigation, and the man who drove him from the border is also under investigation.

The IDF is currently investigating the question of Hezbollah's involvement in the attack, but this has not yet been definitively determined, although the organization's forces are scattered and operating in the area of Israel’s northern border. However, the IDF believes that there could be other groups in the area, not affiliated with Hezbollah, but at the moment, as stated, there is no determination. 

The IDF and the Shin Bet were prepared for this type of attack, and the directive now is to maintain a full routine, as the army is in continuous contact with the heads of the authorities. The high alert on the northern border continues, and the IDF is working on the “Northern Shield” project to continue defending the area.

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