The schism within the right-wing government is growing deeper, and a senior aide to the Prime Minister, as per sources from Yedioth Ahronoth, predicts that it may crumble during the upcoming session of the Knesset. According to a prominent member of the coalition, cited by the leading Israeli publication, "The government's disintegration can be attributed to the extremism exhibited by Ben Gvir and Smotrich. We would require nothing short of a miracle for this coalition to withstand the rigors of the Knesset's winter conference."

The coalition official vehemently dismisses any role of the opposition or judicial protests in bringing down the government, asserting, "The government is on the precipice due to the extremist stances of two far-right parties, chiefly Minister Itamar Ben Gvir. It appears that he has failed to grasp that his election campaign concluded nine months ago when he assumed his ministerial role in the Israeli government."

The recent development that triggered outrage among right-wing government ministers earlier this week was the approval of the transfer of eight armored vehicles from Jordan to the Palestinian Authority, with American funding. Defense Minister Benny Gantz made this decision in January 2022. Despite strong opposition from government ministers, they refrained from blocking it, as it aligned with their official policy of bolstering the Palestinian Authority rather than precipitating its collapse.

Another significant rift within the coalition came to a head just this week when Prime Minister Netanyahu sided with the security establishment, rebuffing Ben Gvir's proposal to toughen the conditions for security prisoners or Palestinians arrested for terrorism post the Jewish high holidays. This decision stemmed from concerns about a potential escalation of violence in the Palestinian territories and Jerusalem.

A source close to Netanyahu criticized the public criticisms leveled by National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich against the government, stating, "Both continue to incite a substantial right-wing audience, despite denials from the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister, who cite corroborating sources for their statements. It's become a common occurrence for cabinet meetings to witness criticism or attacks from the ministers of Otzma Yehudit and Religious Zionism against the government. In this environment, the government and the coalition are poised to encounter formidable challenges in fulfilling their terms."

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