Photo: Office of the President of Israel

Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, spoke at a ceremony for honoring the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and some believe he crossed a line when he turned political, seemingly taking a side in the national fight to reform the Judicial System.

During his remarks, Herzog said that "We are in a serious, very serious situation, which may have political, economic, social, and security consequences. It is no secret that I am devoting all my time and energy to finding agreements that will rescue us from the constitutional and social crisis we are in. I met with everyone. Listen, try to understand, touch pains, worries, anxieties, and dreams, and translate all of these - into a founding constitutional moment, which will fortify the fundamental principles of the State of Israel for generations." 

This is the first time Herzog expressed sincere political bias against the current government, despite his presidential role requiring him to be above politics. "This is not a political compromise, this is a Sizzling effort to find a correct formula of balance and hope. Because the situation is extremely difficult and worrying.

“I hear people from all over the spectrum speaking from their hearts, And believe me, everyone loves the country. Everyone wants their best. You don't have to agree with everyone, me too, I really don't agree with everyone. I said it publicly. But it's important to know: the parties in this deep dispute - care about the country and above all love the country."

The former President of the Supreme Court, Dorit Binish, also received a degree of honorary citizenship last night and after receiving the degree she said: "These days I am concerned about the continuation of the path paved here. In order to be able to continue to compete, we need a strong judicial system. Unfortunately, we are witnessing an attempt to weaken this threshold. Changing the structure of three authorities to one centralized one means irreversible damage to our rights as citizens. We are in a crisis the likes of which the country has never known."

Supreme Court President Ester Hayut also came to the ceremony,  and as her attendance was announced by Mayor Huldai of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the audience joyfully applauded. Huldai said in his speech: "Today I see with great concern how our government is crushing Israeli 'togetherness' and harming the delicate tissues of shared existence. I stand amazed, in front of the spectacle in which an elected government is undermining the most wonderful foundations of the Declaration of Independence of The State of Israel while crushing the justice system, of which we are so proud.” the mayor, who has been one of the harshest critics of the current government concluded that “we who built this house with our own hands, will not give up on it."

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