Lawmakers are calling for protesters to respect the solemn Memorial Day holiday

A bipartisan supermajority of over 90 Knesset members signed a letter with a joint call to honor the State Memorial day for members of the Israel Defense Forces that will take place soon, and to leave all political differences and controversies aside for the solemn day. The letter was written at the initiative of Knesset Member (MK) Chili Tropper who sits in the opposition, and members of Knesset were invited to sign and participate in the important call to the Israeli public, to avoid bringing the fierce controversy that is tearing the nation apart into the cemeteries on the days of remembrance.

Among other things, the letter states: "The boys and girls buried in the military cemeteries came from all groups and tribes. The boys and girls who paid with their lives, fought shoulder to shoulder for us to live here and stay here together. We, friends from all factions of the House, call on everyone, public representatives and the entire people of Israel, to refrain from bringing the debate (over Judicial Reform) into the cemeteries and the holy days of the Israeli identity."

Among the signatories, you can see MKs with different ideologies, such as Justice Minister Yariv Levin, Galit Distal Atabrian, Tali Gottlieb, Avi Dichter and other Likud MKs along with opposition leaders Benny Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot, Chili Tropper, Gideon Sa'ar, and other opposition members. Far-right lawmakers, Orit Strock, Zvi Sukkot, Bezalel Smotrich, and other MKs from the Religious Zionism party signed as well. In addition, MKs from Otzma Yehudit, Yesh Atid, Israel Beitenu, Shas, and Labor also signed.

Meanwhile, protests across the nation are continuing, causing traffic jams on main highways connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Movement for the Quality of Government petitioned the Supreme Court this Thursday morning against a key judicial reform amendment to the Israeli Basic Law that has been seen by many as a legal workaround to prevent the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu in the event he is convicted in one of the three corruption trials he is facing.

This is a law that establishes a procedure for proceeding with the impeachment of a Prime Minister, but puts the control over that process and the ultimate removal in the hands of a simple majority - meaning any ruling coalition could negate any impeachement. The petition was submitted a few hours after the new law was approved by the plenary in the second and third readings.

According to attorney Dr. Eliad Sharga, chairman of the Movement for the Quality of Government: "Netanyahu and his corrupt coalition are trying every possible trick in their attempts to escape the threat of judgment. In their pride, they are sure that they are above the law, but the State of Israel and its laws are more important and stronger than them and we will stand guard to save the country from their corrupt claws”

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