After the significant sale of the "Arrow" air defense system to Germany, the Israeli Ministry of Defense has unveiled another momentous deal in the defense industry. This morning, Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Eyal Zamir, inked a contract for the sale of the renowned "David's Sling" air defense system to Finland. This transaction amounts to a staggering 1.3 billion NIS, which equates to approximately 317 million euros.

David's Sling stands as one of the world's most advanced systems for intercepting various threats, including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft, and drones. Its track record in real-world scenarios has showcased exceptional performance, with numerous successful interceptions to its credit.

Originally known as the "Magic Wand," the David's Sling system employs a two-stage interceptor missile with remarkable maneuverability. At its forefront, this missile boasts two essential targeting and tracking systems: a radar system and an electro-optical sensor. The journey of this system began in 2006 when Rafael, the defense technology company, secured a contract to develop a medium to long-range anti-rocket defense system capable of reaching distances spanning from 40 to 300 kilometers. By 2012, the system had already achieved a milestone by successfully intercepting a target missile. In Israel, the David's Sling system is credited with countering missiles in the hands of Hezbollah and those launched from Yemen.

Crucially, the development of the David's Sling system is a collaborative effort between the "Homa" directorate within the Ministry of Defense and the American Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The primary developer behind this remarkable system is the Rafael company.

Yoav Har-Even, CEO of Rafael, expressed his pride in the David's Sling system, stating, "The David’s Sling system from Rafael is a significant part of Israel's multi-layered defense system. It has proven its indispensable role in safeguarding our country's skies and its inhabitants during recent campaigns. We are immensely proud of this historic export deal, which marks the first time the system will be deployed abroad. We are committed to reinvesting a substantial portion of the revenue generated from export deals into our own development and research and development budgets, ensuring that our defense system remains at the cutting edge of technology. This approach not only bolsters our security but also yields substantial economic benefits. Rafael will continue to ardently fulfill its mission as a vital pillar in the country's security infrastructure."

The signing ceremony at the Ministry of Defense was graced by the presence of notable figures, including Dr. Nina Nordstrom, the Ambassador of Finland in Israel, Col. Oula Asteljoki, the Finnish military attache, Danny Gold, CEO of Rafael Yoav Har-Even, Moshe Fatal, head of the "Homa" Directorate, Dekel Cohen, head of the finance department at the Ministry of Defense, and various other senior officials.

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