The initiative will seek to build a high tech hub in the Western Negev

In a significant move to boost the high-tech sector in southern Israel, a collaborative initiative spearheaded by the social high-tech organization Place-IL, local municipalities, and key stakeholders is set to create a high-tech hub in Sderot. This 15 million shekel venture marks a pivotal step in revitalizing the Negev region, particularly following the impacts of the recent conflict.

The proposed complex in Sderot is poised to become a central office for a range of prestigious international and Israeli firms. Tech giants such as Google, NVIDIA, Salesforce, Palo Alto, and Cisco will share space with prominent Israeli companies like Armis, Melio, and Hibob. The project will also see participation from other notable entities like Imperva, Cadenus, and Axonius, further enhancing the high-tech landscape in the area.

American venture capital firm Insight Partners, known for its active involvement in Israel, lends its support to this ambitious endeavor. This project, conceived in the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas attack, aims to invigorate the Negev and anchor the high-tech industry in this strategically important region. By offering shared workspaces, the initiative provides a unique opportunity for companies to establish a regional presence, thereby contributing to the security and stability of the area.

The project is set to generate approximately 400 new high-tech jobs in the Negev over the next three to four years. Further expansion plans include the construction of additional facilities in Ashkelon and possibly near the Gaza border, potentially doubling the employment impact.

The initiative specifically targets graduates from local institutions such as Sapir Academic College and Sami Shamoon College of Engineering. These graduates, often facing challenges in integrating into central Israel's high-tech sector, now have promising prospects close to home. Place-IL, through its volunteer network, will play a pivotal role in identifying and recruiting suitable candidates from the region.

This undertaking is not just a response to the underrepresentation of southern Israel in the high-tech industry but a strategic move to bolster the region's economic and security landscape. The presence of companies like Elbit, Rafael, Wix, and Amdocs in the area has laid the groundwork for this expansion.

In tandem with this event was another one focusing on the importance of high-tech in Israel's economy and its role in fostering growth and innovation at the 2023 Roadshow+ event of Calcalist and Poalim Tech in Tel Aviv. The event, which saw over 200 companies participating, highlighted the resilience and creativity inherent in the Israeli high-tech sector, especially during challenging times.

Bank Hapoalim Chairman Reuven Krupik emphasized the critical role of high-tech in the country's economy, noting its significant contribution and potential for further impact. The sentiment was echoed by Michal Kissos Hertzog, CEO of Poalim Tech, who stressed the sector's crucial role in ensuring Israel's economic stability and growth amidst challenging circumstances.

This high-tech initiative in southern Israel stands as a testament to the region's resilience and potential, embodying the spirit of innovation and progress that characterizes the Israeli high-tech sector.

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