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In a landmark event spotlighting the ingenuity and resilience of female entrepreneurs, particularly those with ties to southern Israel, Anydish emerged as a beacon of innovation, securing the top position in a high-profile competition. This event served as a testament to the collaborative spirit of Yazamiyot, a trailblazer in championing women in entrepreneurship, Arieli Capital, and Mastercard’s FinSec innovation lab. Designed with the intent to empower women-led startups in navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape, the competition found its stage at Microsoft's Be'er Sheva offices, drawing an impressive cadre of 120 ambitious female entrepreneurs.

At the forefront of Anydish stands Orly Rapapor, the CEO, alongside her adept team comprising Michal Kahan, VP of Business Development, CTO Richard Thorne, and Menashe Rothschild. Together, they share a unified goal: to redefine the management of dietary restrictions through the power of AI, transforming intricate nutritional guidelines into accessible, personalized meal plans. This innovative approach not only clarifies dietary recommendations but also significantly eases the adherence burden for individuals with specific dietary needs.

The enthusiasm of Kahan and Rapaport for their project is palpable. “Our app is transformative for individuals following specific dietary regimes. Utilizing AI and personalization, it delivers immediate, customized meal plans directly to the user, offering the additional benefit of helping them identify suitable restaurant dishes,” they explained to the Israeli business publication Calcalist. With Anydish on the cusp of completing its fundraising journey, the founders are actively seeking partnerships to further their vision of revolutionizing personalized nutrition.

Aisap garnered the competition's second-place honor with its pioneering AI solution for real-time ultrasound diagnostics. Conceived by Prof. Ehud Raanani of the Lev Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center at Sheba Medical Center, alongside Dr. Robert Klempner and Adiel Am-Shalom, Aisap addresses a critical gap in medical diagnostics. CEO Roni Attali underscored the significance of their tool in settings where non-specialist practitioners make pivotal decisions based on ultrasound findings. Initially focusing on cardiac imaging, Aisap is expanding its capabilities to encompass vascular diagnostics. The application’s efficacy was notably demonstrated in the field during military engagements in Gaza, signifying its vital role in critical care situations, with support from distinguished individuals including former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo.

Kinoko claimed the third spot with its innovative approach to creating sustainable, protein-rich food alternatives using mushroom cultivation and fermentation techniques. Under the leadership of CEO Jasmin Ravid, Kinoko has pioneered a method that not only increases protein levels but also reduces carbohydrate content, resulting in a nutrient-dense superfood with a rich umami taste that can be produced sustainably anywhere.

Other remarkable entrants included Validit.ai, led by Co-Founder and CEO Avivit Yorkevitch, offering a fresh solution to combat digital statement fraud through the analysis of physiological data via smartphone cameras. Meanwhile, I-VERSE, under CEO Shira Spetter, introduced an AI-powered HR tool that streamlines the recruitment process with avatar-based assessments, promising to reduce recruitment time and costs by up to 70% and enhance the accuracy of matches by 90%.

The competition's judging panel comprised a distinguished group of industry leaders and experts, including Noa Tamir, CEO of Calcalist; Neta Zruya-Hashai, CEO of Phoenix-ESOP; and Dana Gavish-Fridman from Yazamut 360 at Ben-Gurion University, among others. Their collective expertise played a crucial role in spotlighting the pioneering solutions brought forward by these women-led startups, marking a significant advancement in promoting female entrepreneurship and technological innovation within Israel. This event not only celebrated the achievements of these entrepreneurs but also underscored the dynamic potential of women-led innovation in shaping the future of business and technology.

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