For the 2nd day in a row, the Washington Post article misleads about Famine in Gaza

The Washington Post is at it again.

Yesterday, I explained how the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post misrepresented a UN-sponsored report that showed there was no evidence of famine in Gaza. Today, the D.C.-based paper, which has lost a significant part of its readership, doubled down and included a few other blatant omissions to shape their narrative. That narrative, as I laid out yesterday, has become increasingly Islamist in tone. Canary Mission, the organization that tracks and exposes individuals and organizations related to terror, released a video earlier this month that supports this allegation by tying Washington Post reporters to the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera network’s outlet designed specifically for young Americans called “AJ+” and showing posts from those involved that clearly demonstrate a hatred for the Jewish State.

Just to recap, the United Nations sponsored a report by the respected Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC). The IPC is the primary organization for evaluating global food insecurity, and they released a report that unequivocally stated there is no famine in Gaza. Meanwhile, the Wahabist Post – the name is more appropriate, I believe – wrote an entire article that focused on one concluding part of the report, stating that close to half a million Palestinians are close to starving, and purposefully neglected to include the primary point of the IPC report, that famine in Gaza does not exist.  To put the report's warning in perspective, two previous IPC reports, one as far back as November claimed a famine was happening and used the information from the Hamas-run health ministry without independent verification as the source of that claim. This current report refutes those earlier claims, and it says so right in the report, but the Post could not bring itself to include the context the IPC provided.

Anyway, today the Post ran a report on Israel, placing the blame on the United Nations for any aid crisis in Gaza. It is a fact that aid is coming in, and it is also a fact that much of it is not reaching its destination due to looting and hijacking by terrorists and criminals alike. This is not new; Israel has been saying this from the start, and videos uploaded by Gaza residents to social media over the last eight months clearly show Hamas militants brutally absconding with the aid once it crosses. There have been countless interviews with Egyptian truck drivers who recount stories of being beaten, having their trucks damaged, and even being forced at gunpoint to divert the shipment. And there have been dozens of images and videos of bazaars in Gaza (Shuk/Open Market) where items bearing the marks of the UN-provided international aid are not given away as intended but sold. Despite all of this, the Post decides to ignore this and use words like “Israel alleges” and “unconfirmed” – when confirmation is, as they know well, just a few clicks away.

To highlight this, the Post added a statement by Doctors Without Borders – known everywhere but America as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) – which lamented the loss of one of their colleagues in Gaza in a well-publicized Israeli airstrike on Tuesday. The MSF, and the Post for that matter, tried to accuse Israel of targeting aid workers, which we all agree would be a tragic turn of events if true. MSF took to Twitter – sorry Elon, no matter what you call it, it’s always going to be Twitter to many – to express their heartbroken outrage at this lovely human being who was doing God’s work saving kids in a war zone.

The Israel Defense Forces responded to the MSF in what is called a “Quote Tweet” where the IDF creates a new post that references the MSF post, and given the reach of the IDF account, would likely have a larger reach than simply replying, ensuring more people will see it. The reply laid out why this man was not so lovely, and that he was more likely doing Allah’s work targeting civilians in missile strikes as part of the Islamist Iranian-backed group Palestinian Islamic Jihad. From Israeli Foreign Ministry influencers to IDF spokespeople, several images of Doctor Fadi Jihad Muhammad al-Wadiya (the irony that Jihad is literally his middle name should not be lost on anyone) in PIJ meetings wearing military uniforms with the PIJ insignia were published along with intelligence about his trips to Iran to train in explosives. Did the Post acknowledge any of this very public evidence? No, they ignored it as they have ignored the damage Hamas and PIJ have done to the Palestinian people in Gaza. To add insult to the injury done to Israel’s reputation, it added that Israel has not provided proof.

Now, I am not a diplomat and therefore am not sure about the protocols here. However, anyone with a functional brain would think that several IDF and Ministry of Foreign Affairs social media posts that are very public and on the record for life would be the easiest means to provide proof. The Wahabist Post understands this very well; in their own reporting over the last year, they have used Tweets, Facebook posts, TikTok, or YouTube videos as sources to quote people. And yet, a newspaper that used to be considered among the most unimpeachable sources of information has demonstrated a clear lack of integrity and an inherent bias in its coverage of Israel.

Considering one of the authors of the piece, Anika Arora Seth, was the Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Daily News when an editorial was written about a local Yale pro-Palestinian organization. The editorial had then been altered by Yale Daily staff who removed the parts about Hamas raping women and beheading men, and in a note at the bottom, it claimed the allegations were “unsubstantiated.” Yes, the Editor of the paper, the same woman who left out very public information that would have changed the narrative of the Post’s propaganda piece about aid and famine in Gaza, decided to alter an opinion piece so substantially that it affected the writer’s intent. For full disclosure, the Yale paper retracted their note but never added back in the rape and beheading parts. They did link to an article they wrote explaining the mistake and apologizing.

The Washington (Wahabist) Post's persistent bias and selective reporting not only undermine journalistic integrity but also perpetuate misinformation that fuels conflict in America and abroad. This can be seen in the streets of Los Angeles or in New York City, where misguided youth, no doubt AJ+ & WashPo devotees, target Jews using the same allegations printed in the articles these outlets produce. By selectively presenting facts and omitting critical context, they do a disservice not only to their readers but to the broader cause of truth and justice in the region. They serve an Islamist master in Qatar that, as Wahabists do, believes it is their divine right to conquer the world, be it by sword or subterfuge. It is crucial to recognize and challenge such narratives, ensuring that the truth prevails over propaganda and half-truths.

**The term Taqiyyah mentioned means: "Taqiyya is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie." - Yarden Mariuma, sociologist at Columbia University.

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