The Israeli prison service is making preparations to receive a significant number of terrorist prisoners who will soon arrive at correctional facilities. Among these detainees are individuals who were apprehended during IDF operations in Judea and Samaria, as well as Hamas militants captured in the Gaza Strip following their involvement in a heinous attack on civilian settlements. Additionally, there have been recommendations from the political leadership to modify the conditions for security prisoners.

Since the onset of the conflict, approximately 500 individuals suspected of terrorist activities have been incarcerated in Israeli prisons. Of these, 120 were involved in infiltrating Israel and participating in a deadly terrorist attack in the southern part of the country, while another 400 were wanted individuals apprehended in Judea and Samaria.

Furthermore, there are additional terrorists currently held by the Shin Bet, Israel's internal security agency, who are expected to be transferred to Shin Bet facilities in the coming days. In order to accommodate this influx, the Attorney General has granted temporary permission, valid for a two-week period, to increase the number of security prisoners held in cells beyond the limit previously set by the High Court of Corrections. Additionally, a bill has been introduced in the Knesset to allow for overcrowding of cells to accommodate all incoming terrorist detainees. During the opening of the winter session of the Knesset, the bill received initial approval, allowing for security prisoners to be placed on mattresses on the floor to continue receiving new detainees even when the facilities are at full capacity.

Under this proposal, it will be possible to maintain the intake of new detainees in correctional facilities despite overcrowding. Thirteen members of the Knesset supported this proposal, while five opposed it. The bill will now be sent to the National Security Committee for further deliberation in preparation for its second and third readings.

Notably, those responsible for the violent incident in the southern region are being held separately from other prisoners within the prison and have not been transferred to wings where older inmates are housed. According to the Police Commissioner, they are being held in accordance with the law and receive only essential amenities such as lodging, food, and beverages.

The Shin Bet is also taking measures to enhance security, both to prevent disturbances and riots among prisoners within the wings and to thwart potential infiltration attempts by terrorists from Gaza who have yet to be apprehended. Additional security personnel are stationed to prevent security prisoners from harming prison staff.

Within certain prison facilities, there have been reports of inmates displaying slogans in support of Hamas and acts of terrorism. These prisoners have faced internal trials and disciplinary actions administered by prison staff.

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