The Ministry of Religious Services issued a letter on Sunday evening addressed to the authorities in the Gaza Strip area. In this communication, it was announced that temporary burial arrangements have been authorized exclusively for the deceased residents in the Yarkon cemetery.

Under the directive of Minister of Religious Services Rabbi Michael Malchiali and Ministry's CEO Yehuda Avidan, a dedicated section at the Yarkon Cemetery has been established for the temporary burial of individuals from the Gaza Strip who have met unfortunate circumstances. This development aligns with the Ministry's commitment to facilitating these arrangements. Concurrently, efforts are underway to collaborate with local authorities to prepare an additional area for this purpose.

The Ministry of Religious Services has successfully completed the preparation of a specific area within the Yarkon cemetery designated for the burial of individuals from the Gaza Strip. These individuals, whose families desire temporary burials, face difficulties due to the ongoing conflict in the kibbutz area, preventing them from laying their loved ones to rest in the customary manner. It's important to note that temporary burial is reserved for residents of the Gaza Strip who are facing challenges in burying their deceased in their own villages due to the current security situation. Simultaneously, the Ministry, in cooperation with local authorities, is actively working to create an additional burial area within the Yarkon cemetery for those from the Gaza area communities who have lost their lives.

In a letter sent by the Director General of the Ministry of Religious Services, Yehuda Avidan, to the authorities in the Gaza Strip, detailed instructions for burial arrangements were provided, in accordance with Minister Michael Malchiali's directives.

As part of these new guidelines, a dedicated burial plot has been prepared within the Yarkon cemetery, allowing families to conduct temporary burials for their loved ones. These burials will be conducted in coffins to facilitate potential relocation to Gaza cemeteries in the future. The Ministry will handle the entire process of transferring the deceased, eliminating the need for additional identification procedures.

Furthermore, the Ministry will offer transportation services to families choosing to hold funerals in Gaza Strip cemeteries, depending on the number of participants approved by the security system. Additionally, for families who opt for immediate burials in Gaza cemeteries, the Ministry will oversee the entire burial process. It's essential to note that the scheduling of funerals near the Gaza Strip is contingent on ongoing coordination with the security system and may be subject to change.

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