As most Israeli-Arabs are supporting Israel's war against Hamas, there are some who actually support Hamas and are vocal about it. Last night, the police arrested Dr. Dalal Abu Amneh, a researcher from the Technion, on suspicion of expressing joy at the brutal massacre carried out by Hamas terrorists in southern townships during the Simchat Torah holiday. The Israeli citizen posted a message that said, "There is no victor but Allah," along with a PLO flag. Abu-Amneh had not finished the post but approached the police herself to file a complaint against Jews who reacted angrily to the post, viewing it as encouraging terrorism.

It's important to note that the sentence written by Abu Amneh is not random. "'There is no victor but Allah' is a slogan with a significant historical dimension," explained Moran Talia of the Regavim movement. "It is a slogan that symbolizes the victory of Muslims when they conquered Andalusia in Spain."

The police stated that the arrest was made in response to several posts on social media and additional inquiries about a professor who is an influential figure in Arab society and publishes statements against the State of Israel while supporting Palestine. The suspect was taken to the police station, where she was questioned and arrested on suspicion of behavior that could disrupt public peace. She is scheduled to appear later today at the request of the police to extend her detention at the Magistrate's Court in Nazareth.

More inflammatory publications by Israeli Arabs expressing support for the actions of Hamas have been noted. Rala Azer, a singer from Nazareth with a substantial following on Instagram, uploaded a story when the news of the massacre became known: "Allah Akbar" with a smiling illustration, she also shared a video of the breaching of the fence by the terrorists who infiltrated the kibbutzim from Gaza and wrote "This is Palestine." In another post, Azer wrote, "For the first time we are not afraid, for the first time the Palestinian are bombing, for the first time the Palestinian storms, for the first time what we never dreamed of is happening, in less than half an hour the resistance stops the movement, today is a new line in history, here Palestine, here Gaza," and added: "May God protect Gaza and its young people."

Meanwhile, at Ort High School in Tiberias, a teacher from the school was informed that she was suspended from her post after she "liked" many posts on the Instagram account of 鈥淓ye On Palestine,鈥 which portrays the State of Israel and the IDF as child killers in Gaza.

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