UAE's Mohamed Al Khaja and Prime Minister Netanyahu (Source: PMO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received another invitation to visit the United Arab Emirates and it seems that for the first time, this trip might happen after previously scheduled trips were canceled due to internal disturbances. The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Israel, Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Khaja, issued an official invitation to Netanyahu as well as to President Herzog to participate in the COP 28 event to be held in Dubai this coming November. The Prime Minister's Office said that Netanyahu thanked the ambassador for the invitation.

Netanyahu, who worked to bring the Abraham Accords to fruition and signed them in Washington, has yet to make an official visit to the United Arab Emirates. Four visit dates set in his previous term as prime minister were postponed. Twice it was at the initiative of Israel, due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus. 

Another visit, which was supposed to include Bahrain, was postponed at the request of the Bahrainis, as it fell on a national holiday in their country, and the deadline set was canceled due to a temporary Jordanian refusal to allow the plane carrying the Prime Minister to pass over their territory. By the time everything was straightened out then and the Jordanians were willing to let the plane pass, Netanyahu's schedule no longer allowed for the flight to take place. The lengthy process of rescheduling the first official and public visit of an Israeli Prime Minister to the Emirates resulted in PM Naftali Bennett being the first head of the Jewish State to visit due to the Israeli election cycle. 

After the establishment of the current government, the President of the Emirates, Mohamed Bin Zayed, called Prime Minister Netanyahu and congratulated him, and repeated his invitation for an official visit by Netanyahu and his wife to the United Arab Emirates. The Prime Minister's office said at the time that the two agreed that this visit would take place as soon as possible.

The head of the Israeli National Security Council and National Security Adviser, Tzachi Hanegbi, told reporters from “Makor Rishon” in regards to the delays in Netanyahu’s visit that "The Emiratis and Israelis fear was that things during the Ramadan could escalate and their is no point in embarrassing either them or the Prime Minister in a situation where he has to schedule and cancel... Ramadan ended, and then there was a small war. The invitation will be carried out when it is possible.”

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