The "Beyadenu" movement, dedicated to activities on the Temple Mount, has summarized the Jewish year with a notable increase in Temple Mount visits. According to data provided by the organization's guides, who are present on the mountain daily, over 49,000 Jewish individuals ascended the Temple Mount in 2023. This figure is in comparison to the 51,644 visits recorded in 2022, despite the latter being a leap year.

Remarkably, 235 brides and grooms chose to mark their wedding day by ascending the mountain this year, as confirmed by traffic monitoring. Additionally, 72 boys and girls ascended the mount to celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Alongside these joyous events, this year witnessed an unprecedented increase in police interventions on the Temple Mount. A total of 236 citizens were arrested and detained, while approximately 62 were removed through administrative orders.

Tom Nisani, the General Director of the movement, commented on this data, saying, "The data is both reassuring and encouraging. There has been a consistent and stable number of Jewish individuals ascending the mountain. Despite the challenges and increased restrictions imposed by the Israel Police this year, tens of thousands of Jews continue to choose the holiest place for the Jewish people. Without a doubt, if not for the police conduct and excessive intimidation, many more would have visited." Nisani concluded with a New Year's wish, stating, "We wish all the people of Israel a happy new year, a year in which we will respect those who ascend and work to end the draconian administrative orders against them."

This impressive data emerges amid warnings from Superintendent Doron Turgeman, the commander of the Jerusalem Police District, about potential escalations during the Jewish high holidays, a concern that has preoccupied the security establishment for weeks. Superintendent Turgeman remarked, "There is a rise in alerts and threats of various kinds, even during these holy days and ordinary weekdays and holidays," during a briefing for the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday.

Superintendent Turgeman highlighted that the district has successfully thwarted 31 terrorist attacks and attempted attacks since the beginning of the year. "Just yesterday, eight individuals were removed from the Temple Mount," he noted, referring to preventive measures taken. He further revealed, "Currently, 110 individuals are undergoing preventive actions due to concerns of incitement and hostile sabotage activities." Additionally, he assured the public that during the holidays in Jerusalem, every synagogue in the city will have armed security personnel to safeguard worshipers against potential Palestinian terrorism.

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