Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog has shared a profound letter on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah, wherein he calls upon the Israeli public to uphold the spirit of "togetherness" despite the existing disagreements in Israeli society, with the unyielding belief that it will ultimately lead to a brighter future.

In his New Year's message addressed to the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora, President Herzog opens with a reflection on the significance of the impending transition from one year to the next. He vividly describes this unique moment, stating, "The sound of the blowing of the shofar cutting through the air, and the fresh autumn wind at the end of the month of Elul, the month of mercy and forgiveness, carry with them hopes and expectations for the days to come."

Rosh Hashanah traditionally serves as a period of self-reflection, prompting individuals to contemplate what they wish to leave behind and the path they aspire to traverse. President Herzog eloquently encapsulates this sentiment, extending an invitation to all citizens of Israel to engage in this profound introspection. He states, "These are days of self-reflection, in which we ask ourselves what we want to leave behind - and with what we wish to continue walking on the path."

Acknowledging the nation's turbulent history, President Herzog recognizes the myriad challenges faced by the Jewish people, both as a community and as a nation. He emphasizes their resilience, noting, "Throughout our history, as a people and as a nation, we have faced challenges that have put us to the test and that sometimes seemed insurmountable." He also highlights the importance of unity, particularly as the nation commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War: "Especially this year, when we mark the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War - we must remember that what has always kept us safe was the simple, decisive knowledge that no matter what - we stay together. Because we don't have another country, and we don't have another group of people."

President Herzog conveys his unwavering optimism, asserting his belief that the future holds even greater promise. He commends the multitude of dedicated individuals who tirelessly strive for the cause of 'togetherness.' He states, "Citizens of Israel, I am convinced that it will be even better. It will be good because our nation has been blessed with so many women and good people who fight for our 'togetherness'. And now, in this moment of self-reflection, and a new, clean start, let's all choose to join these forces - who fight for this 'togetherness'.โ€

Concluding his message with heartfelt wishes, President Herzog expresses his hope for the forthcoming year. He envisions a year characterized by tranquility, joy, abundant health, stability, security, and peace. He states, "May the year that awaits her around the corner be quiet, joyful, a year with an abundance of health, of stability, of security, of peace and tranquility, and of recognizing those who are different; a year of mutual respect, of togetherness. Happy and sweet New Year, Israel!"

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