On the 44th day of the ongoing war in Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue their operations in the Gaza Strip against Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Recent reports indicate that Israeli forces have now secured the eastern parts of the strip and are preparing to advance southward. Simultaneously, tensions persist on Israel's northern borders with Hezbollah, with an increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles by the terrorist organization.

The IDF spokesperson released an update this morning on the military activities in the Gaza Strip, which have been expanded in recent days. It was reported that, in addition to ground operations, the fighters of the 3rd Fleet, known as the fleet of missile ships, launched attacks on Hamas targets along the Strip, employing thousands of munitions from the sea. These naval operations provided crucial support to the ground forces by opening strategic avenues, providing fire cover, thwarting land threats against Israeli forces, and facilitating land missions from the sea.

In regards to the expansion of ground operations, the IDF stated that the Nahal Brigade's fighters engaged in combat on the outskirts of the Jabaliya neighborhood. During these encounters, Hamas terrorists were identified and neutralized. In one particular battle where the brigade was supported by tanks and aircraft, the Nahal Brigade's combat team detected a terrorist squad positioned on the roof of a residential building, preparing to fire on Israeli troops. "The force successfully directed a manned aircraft from a distance, eliminating the terrorists," the IDF reported. Additionally, weapons and military equipment were discovered during searches conducted in civilian residential buildings.

The Palestinian news agency "Wafa" reported that 15 individuals lost their lives in overnight bombings by the Israeli Air Force in the southern and central regions of the Gaza Strip. According to their account, 13 of these casualties occurred during the bombing of a house in the Nuseirat camp, situated in the central part of the Gaza Strip. The remaining two victims, a mother, and her daughter, were reportedly killed in the bombing of a house in the "European Hospital" area, southeast of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

On a separate front, the IDF announced on Sunday morning that it had intercepted a "suspicious aerial target" that had entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon. This unidentified aircraft is suspected to belong to Hezbollah and was successfully intercepted near the border. "IDF forces have responded with artillery fire directed at Lebanese territory," declared the IDF spokesperson. Prior to this incident, the IDF reported that sirens had sounded in the village of Shlomi due to a barrage of ten mortar shells that landed in open areas. "The IDF is currently targeting the source of the mortar fire within Lebanese territory," they stated. Furthermore, IDF warplanes reportedly targeted and destroyed Hezbollah infrastructure in Lebanon shortly before these events.

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