(Source: BioMed Israel)

The 21st Biomed Conference in  Israel, a global leading international life sciences and health technology conference will be held next month between May 16-18, at the David Intercontinental Tel Aviv Hotel. About 6,000 guests are expected to participate in the conference, including senior managers from the industry, scientists, doctors, investors, and hundreds of guests from over 45 different countries. Similar to previous years, hundreds of Israeli companies from the field of life sciences will present the innovative solutions and technologies they have developed in the past year.

The event is a unique opportunity for executives from around the world in the fields of life sciences and health technologies to experience and be impressed by Israel's vibrant life sciences and biomedical industries. Over the past 21 years, Biomed Israel has established itself as the largest and leading meeting place for members of the health industry and academia in Israel with colleagues and partners from around the world who come to Israel for three days of building relationships, discovering business opportunities, and promoting collaborations.

The co-chairs of the conference are Ruthi Alon, founder, and CEO of Medstrada, Dr. Ora Dar, a senior expert in medical sciences and medical innovation, and Dr. Nissim Darvish, CEO of the Eliraz Ventures fund. Under their joint management, the conference will present and examine the innovation and trends shaping the future of health systems and life sciences.

Ruthi Alon, co-chair of the Biomed Israel 2023 conference said in her statement ahead of the event: "The first and most important goal of Biomed Israel is to encourage collaboration between the Israeli and global life sciences industries. Senior managers and delegations of multinational companies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, technology giants, and investors specializing in the health industry come to Israel every year in May for a search for innovation, creative solutions, products, and technologies. At the conference, Israel will present the best that it has to offer in a variety of fields that are in line with contemporary trends that arouse interest in the global life sciences industry. 

Alon added that β€œIn addition to topics such as oncology and the impact of artificial intelligence on drug discovery and development, this year we have expanded the range of topics and will also hold practical workshops on the issues such as regulation and insurance indemnification. We will also focus on prevention and looking towards the future of innovation, in areas such as extending life expectancy and quality, personalized nutrition, and a plenary lecture on quantum computing."

The conference will deal with a variety of fields including biotech, pharma, biopharma, medical devices, digital health, and diagnostics. Among the prominent topics of the conference, this year will be extending life expectancy and quality of life and the effectiveness of current cancer treatments.

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