LinkedIn published a list of the 25 best workplaces for employees in Israel. This is actually the second year that LinkedIn, the online social network designed to create professional and business connections between its users, has published this list in an effort to boost its presence and relevancy in Israel.

The list was built using data collected by LinkedIn and was built based on elements that relate to how employees progress both during and after working for the company. Issues of improving various skills during employment and factors of attrition and layoffs were also examined.

"Companies that laid off 10% or more of their workforce between January 1, 2022, and the launch of the list, based on public announcements - or have attrition of more than 10%, based on LinkedIn data - are not eligible for the ranking," LinkedIn said in a separate announcement.

The first place in the list of the best places for a career was taken by Intel, the American-born international corporation which has a huge presence in Israel and mainly focuses on developing hardware such as processing chips, within the Jewish state. In second place was the medical technology company Align Technology, most of whose employees are also software engineers, and in third place was the software development company SAP. In fourth place was the Israeli company Amdocs, which employs over 26,000 people, and in fifth place came the website development company Wix, which employs nearly 6,000 people.

The other places on the list were occupied by the technology company Alphabet (the parent company of Google), defense systems developer Elbit Systems, Teva, and Zim Shipping Services, and the tenth place was taken by Payoneer, which deals in electronic money transfer services and making payments in electronic commerce.

In 11th place is Siemens, followed by Amazon, Moon Active in 13th place, CyberArk in 14th place, in 15th, and the especially surprising place is the United Health Insurance Fund, followed by Monday, Zoom Info, Applied Materials, AppsFlyer, Palo Alto Networks, Sourasky Tel Aviv Medical Center, Ichilov, Kornit Digital, Syngenta Group, Medtronic and finally General Electric.

In Lindekein's explanation of their list, it is noted that LinkedIn checks, among other things, the progress of employees within these companies; An increase in the number of skills that employees have updated in their profiles; the stability of companies; the number of connections employees have with other employees in their companies; gender diversity in companies; and the academic background of employees.

LinkedIn's research was carried out throughout the year 2022 and the companies on the list all employ at least 500 employees. Another element taken into account is whether companies laid off workers throughout this period of monitoring and how many. 

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