Screen capture from IAI-Elta's "Bluewhale" Promotional Video

"Elta", a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries, announced that it has developed an unmanned submarine. The new Israeli submarine, which is equipped with many sensors, cameras, and sophisticated radar technology, is able to collect intelligence above and below the water and collect a lot of important data. The autonomous submarine is able to perform a significant part of the tasks of a manned submarine, without operators while sailing, and this for several weeks and with minimal maintenance costs.

The submarine called the "BlueWhale" is 12 meters long and powered by an electric motor, so it can be on covert missions beyond enemy lines for weeks. In addition, the submarine has capabilities that allow it to listen to radio and telephone frequencies.

To enable it to collect intelligence information above water, the submarine is equipped with a telescopic mast, which emerges from the water while diving, on which radar and electro-optical systems are installed to detect targets in the sea and on the shore. Through the satellite communication antennas on the mast, the information collected is transmitted in real-time to the designated command posts, which can be located in any place in the world.

The submarine has four underwater radars, which allow it to locate other nearby vessels and submarines above and below the water in both shallow and deep waters. These radars can also allow it to locate mines placed on the seabed through artificial intelligence. In the future, it will be equipped with means of warfare, such as naval torpedoes and missiles for attacking targets both at sea and on land. The aerospace industry refuses to confirm whether the Israeli Navy has purchased the new submarine, but they are currently trying to sell it to potential buyers around the globe.

The Vice President of Israel Aerospace Industries and CEO of Elta, Yoav Turgeman said in his statement with the release of the submarine: "The BlueWhale joins the family of unmanned vehicles developed by Israel Aerospace Industries in the air, on land and at sea and is a force multiplier for the world's navies. For the first time ever, Elta was able to produce and bring to develop an underwater autonomous system, which performs a wide variety of tasks based on advanced technological capabilities. The BlueWhale is a significant part of the aerospace industry's range of maritime solutions, which include, among other things, economic water security, protective and attack suits for vessels, and arena management of autonomous vessels".

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