A British Boxer APC (Source: UK Ministry of Defense)

The British Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) and tank divisions will improve performance through training centers created for them by the Israeli company, Elbit Systems. Elbit reported that it won a contract worth about 71 million dollars for the supply, maintenance, and operation of the training centers for the advanced battle tank Challenger 3 and the modern Boxer APC, both under the British Army's VULCAN project.

This is Elbit's first major international contract in the field of the Armored Corps of the British Army, despite being a key player in the development of the Israeli Merkava tanks series. Prior to that, the British had used the Israel Defense Forces Armored Corps directly for the training session they conduct for their tankers. The contract with the British Army is for a period of three years plus nine years of operational maintenance.

The training centers that will be provided to the British Army will include driving, gunnery, and turret trainers by integrating cells from high-resolution reality simulations as well as tactical trainers that integrate IML models identical to the original. The training centers will enable training in dealing with contemporary combat challenges through a training management system and battle simulation. In addition, it will connect trainers and advanced capabilities for learning and research for the best possible results. The system will be built in a way that will allow the absorption of additional platforms in the British Army in the future.

Yoram Shmuely, CEO of Elbit Systems said after the deal was finalized: "Elbit Systems is proud to provide the British Army with training capabilities that will increase the combat readiness of its armored teams. The contract strengthens and highlights our leading position as a system supplier for advanced mission training in Israel and around the world."

Alon Afik, a VP at Elbit Systems involved in the process added: "This is a significant contract in the field of armor trainers. We will provide the British Army tankers with everything from trainers for loading the guns inside the tank to tactical trainers for training in a battle of several tanks together, etc. We produce tank-like cells, including the systems inside the tank, which are simulated using computer simulations of a real tank and thus improve the operational capacity of the tank crew, without operating the tank itself at a high cost. In addition, through a subsidiary company, Elbit England, we also provide maintenance and operation of the coaches."

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