Calcalist, Yedioth Ahronoth's esteemed financial newspaper, inaugurated its third annual Israeli gaming conference this week. The event brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss the future of gaming in Israel. During a panel at the Calcalist gaming conference, in collaboration with Playtika and Google, Adam Fisher, the senior partner of Bessemer Venture Partners, shared his vision for the gaming sector's growth in Israel.

"If I were to invest a billion dollars to transform Israel into a gaming powerhouse, my primary focus would be on education and the infrastructure that empowers entrepreneurs and programmers to thrive in our country," Fisher asserted passionately. He emphasized the value of creativity and innovation, asserting that money alone cannot build a successful gaming business; it requires creative thinking and the ability to excel in a competitive landscape.

Eze Vidra, the managing partner of Remagine Venture, echoed Fisher's sentiments regarding the importance of education and infrastructure. He stressed that nurturing the entrepreneurs of the future is crucial. However, Vidra also mentioned his interest in investing in a triple A studio capable of delivering a blockbuster game, should he have a billion dollars earmarked for the gaming industry.

The panel continued with insights from Eitan Reisel, the founder and managing partner at Vgames. Reisel emphasized the role of individuals and their unique contributions to the gaming industry. He believed that the bulk of the investment should be directed toward supporting these talented individuals who create compelling content. Roy Caro, Fireblocks' VP of Risk and Strategy, emphasized the significance of collaborations in fostering growth within the industry.

Israel's prominence in the gaming sector did not go unnoticed. Reisel proudly declared, "Israel is a formidable gaming powerhouse. Sometimes, its true potential is underestimated, but it stands as one of the largest contributors to employment, tax revenue, and GDP impact. Companies like MoonActive and Playtica, along with cloud-based enterprises, have played pivotal roles. We are investing in these companies to pave the way for the next generation of innovations. While there are areas where we have yet to establish a strong presence, it's only a matter of time. Israel, alongside our neighbor Turkey, is leading the Middle East's gaming industry with aplomb."

Eze Vidra added another perspective, highlighting that a significant portion of app store revenue, approximately 60%, originates from gaming. He emphasized the importance of understanding the far-reaching impact of gamification on various sectors. Vidra noted, "Israel is already a significant player, but it has not reached its full potential in terms of investment. There is immense promise in this field, encompassing blockchain, cloud technology, gaming, and AI. It offers ample entry points for entrepreneurs, attracting both capital and innovative minds to our shores."

Responding to the query of whether the recent decline in Hollywood cinema has provided an opportunity for the gaming industry, Reisel eloquently stated, "A game is akin to a Netflix series that never ends. Ultimately, we are all competing for the finite commodity of time. It's remarkable to observe that, where movies once inspired games, the reverse is now occurring. We are all vying for the precious time and attention of consumers."

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