The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs unveiled its groundbreaking AI 'Hasbara' bot on Thursday. This innovative avatar is set to revolutionize the production of content in eight different languages, facilitating the rapid dissemination and promotion of Israel's messages across the globe. In a historic development, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the lead as the world's first ministry capable of swiftly delivering public diplomacy messages through high-quality videos.

The technology harnessed by this bot allows for the effortless creation of informational videos with just a click of a button, utilizing input from professional diplomatic agents. These videos can seamlessly incorporate video clips, lending the final product a polished and professional appearance akin to a studio-based speaker. The avatar is proficient in a diverse array of languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.

The avatar's design draws inspiration from David Saranga, the head of the division for digital diplomacy in the Foreign Ministry. There are plans to expand this initiative by creating avatars for additional diplomats, particularly for those representing Israel in countries where mastering the dominant language proves challenging.

David Saranga, commenting on this remarkable development, remarked, "We are approaching a time when avatars will grace television studios worldwide, posing incisive questions on a wide spectrum of political matters and articulately responding to interviewers in various languages. However, it's crucial to remember that the message itself is crafted by seasoned diplomats intimately acquainted with the complexities and subtleties of the international arena."

In regards to other languages and influence in hostile countries to Israel, Saranga further added that the Persian-language content created by the ministry on social media generated nearly 450 million engagements in 2022, with 93% of those viewers from Iran itself at a time when mass protests following the death of Mahsa Amini were roiling the Islamic Republic.

Eli Cohen, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, enthusiastically endorsed this venture, saying, "Fostering Israeli innovation is a paramount objective for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Embracing artificial intelligence technology as an integral part of diplomatic efforts is a logical and strategic step to ensure the Ministry's continued relevance in an evolving world. The avatar we have developed will empower us to enhance our outreach and fine-tune our messages, enabling us to swiftly connect with diverse audiences, especially in situations where every moment counts in the battle for global public opinion."

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