Elbit won a tender to develop a cutting edge simulator for tanks

The Israel Defense Forces' technological revolution continues to manifest itself in unprecedented progress. Veterans of the Armored Corps, the heavy tanks that have been so crucial to Israel's defense, could not have imagined that in the future, the tanker's cabin, which is typically a cold, dark, metallic place, would one day become a cabin that fighter pilots would envy. 

Today though, the technology is taking even this one step further by enabling tank crews to realistically simulate a mission, without having to step into an actual tank.

The Ministry of Defense signed an agreement with the defense contractor Elbit for the creation and operation of an advanced training facility for the Armored Corps. The facility will simulate the IDF's future tank, the one whose crew can talk to pilots, receive targets from a submarine, guide commando troops deep in enemy territory, and accurately fire a shell to hit the target, with no less, yet so much more.

The training facility will allow the Armored Corps to train in a professional and technologically advanced way never seen before, from training before operational employment to training to maintain the skills of reserve units. Also, the facility will make it possible to train in different and challenging situations starting from the single tank to the company level. In addition, the systems will enable integrated recording and investigation capabilities that will enable the replay of events, documentation, and data analysis, as well as tracking the performance of the trainees which is extremely important in improving military capabilities.

The commander of Israel’s Ground Forces, Major General Tamir Yedai said in his statement: "The new armored trainer is part of the trend of expanding the trainer cabins being used today. The new trainer has great potential for increasing the effectiveness of training, considerable efficiency in resources, and maximum flexibility, especially in front of the reserve soldiers. The Ground Forces in cooperation with Albit will continue to promote the digital revolution in the field, all part of the upcoming multi-year plan, for additional formations on land."

Militaries all over the world are designing their armored corps according to what is being seen in the Russia-Ukraine war. If until a year ago they thought that land maneuvers were no longer needed and that a powerful air force was enough to win a war, the war has completely changed their minds. In Israel, it was understood a long time ago that ground troops in tandem with the armored corp are essential to winning wars. 

The president and CEO of Elbit Systems, Bezhalel (Butsi) Machlis added after the announcement regarding the IDF’s new training facility that: "Armies around the world are redesigning their training capabilities while striving to improve both readiness and efficiency. Winning this contract emphasizes the leading position we have in this field."

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